Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whistle While You Work

♪♫ Whistle While You Work♫♪

Worked the part-time frame job 2 days in a row and it has been busy as can be with Christmas fast approaching and last minute purchases being made. So many people this time of year lose site of what it is all about. And I know I am no exception. When money is tight, stores are crowded, you can't find what you need...well you know.

I decided today in the midst of all the running around the store and taking care of customers that the best course of action was to whistle. If only I knew how!

And here is the last of the Christmas Swap posts, but by far not the least!
♫♪ On the last Day of Christmas Lorraine George gave to me♪♫
This beautiful snowflake fabric ornament to hang on my tree! Simply cool and wintery in color and composition, Lorraines ornament is so soft to the touch I had to look at it a few times thinking she might have sent an authentic vintage ornament along. The fabrics she chose to use are wonderful and she has layered them one on top of another for a much appreciated homespun tactile touch to my tree! I love the blues and greens of the ribbon dangles that make me think of the snowflake in motion. Well done Lorraine! I love every inch of it!


  1. What a wonderful ornie.I too am trying to enjoy the season.Its hard at times,but I really like your idea...just whistle.
    Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. What an inspiring ornament! Divine.

  3. yes there is a lot of $$$mas and it gets hectic and busy-- so to take a quiet moment on the blogs helps.
    peace in the new year.