Thursday, September 25, 2014

Workshops and Happenings in the Studio

"But Who's Counting Anyway?" 9x9 collage on deep canvas by Crystal Neubauer

Much to Look Forward to in 2014!
This past weekend found us celebrating my oldest daughters marriage to her wonderful fiance in Chicago. The tables at The Healing House Art Studio were overflowing with glitter and lanterns and escort cards and other wedding type paraphernalia. And my internal list maker was ticking away with tasks like "buy shoes" and "answer email from florist". It was a joyfully busy time!

I have two more workshop dates left in 2014 that I am super excited to be doing.
First up, October will find me traveling out to LA on my birthday to teach through Make Art In LA in the beautiful gallery space known as "The Loft, at Liz's" located above Liz's Antique Hardware in the historic Miracle Mile District. Saturday's workshop is sold out, but there is still space available on Sunday October 19th. Be sure to register soon at the Make Art In LA website and come celebrate my birthday weekend with me by creating beautiful works of art!

November will find me back home in The Healing House Art Studio teaching "Exploring Collage Combinations"; a two day collage intensive focusing on combinations that work with collage, including mark-making, encaustic wax, photography and textured painting. The workshop will run from 10am - 4:30 on Saturday November 1st and Sunday November 2nd. As with all of my 2014 workshop offerings at the new studio, this one will include all supplies, plus lunch and beverages both days. There are only four seats left so be sure to head over to my workshop page and get registered for the pre-holiday fun!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Live It As If It's Your One Life"

"Pleased To Meet You" 9" x 9" collage on canvas by Crystal Neubauer

(another excerpt lifted from a previous Facebook status. This one written on September 5, 2014)

Maybe it's hormones or the change in seasons, but the weeps are coming easily this morning. My oldest daughter is getting married in two weeks, my son will be celebrating a year and a half of sobriety the week after that... 

I remember, as if it were yesterday praying for friendship, just one friend please, and now my life is filled with women who are living beautiful creative lives becoming all God meant for them to be. Each one has a piece of Him they carry and are honoring Him by taking the steps to become their fullest selves possible.

I couldn't be any busier without losing something really important. Today my life is overflowing getting ready for the wedding, preparing for a weekend workshop at The Healing House Art Studio, and finishing my book. And lest you think, through the random and selective Facebook status posting, that it has been easy-for any of us- it hasn't, and isn't. I've had to take steps that are HARD and make sacrifices that are DIFFICULT to achieve these things.

But hard and difficult don't translate to bad. This morning I read the words "God honors our involvement, invites our participation" and I know that to be true in my life. Hard and difficult things can be muscle builders. Getting active in the process of building the life God intended for you is validating and identity building.

Start today towards building the life that is burning inside of you. Ask yourself what it is you were meant to be. Ask God to give you a clear picture to set before you when things get tough; kind of like hanging a picture of that bikini on the fridge when you are dieting. Ask Him what the next right step is for getting there, and then pursue it with everything you've Got. Better yet, pursue it with everything He's got, and freely given!

You were created for the more. Be courageous and don't settle for anything less. And lest you are mistaken about that, courage isn't the absence of fear, it is the very real presence of it and moving forward anyway.

"Pleased To Meet You" side view - 9" x 9" collage on canvas by Crystal Neubauer