Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fly Away Home: A Dedication

Fly Away Home was inspired by and is dedicated to the memory of "Sissy", the sister of my dear friend Becky of Bees In Her Bonnet. Sissy was wheelchair bound for the majority of her adult life due to MS. In spite of her limitations, Sissy was known to her family as having a deep faith in Jesus and a "can do" attitude. Wife and mother to 2 young adult children, Sissy didn't let her wheelchair hold her back in life. Becky says that Sissy would often tell others that when she got to heaven she would be able to run.
This weekend Sissys life was cut short by cancer. In her final days she told her family that she knew she wouldn't just run in heaven, she would fly.
Fly away home, Sissy. You will be missed by your family and friends.

B is for Believe

B is for Believe and the next letter in my "Wearable Alphabet" series. Made from a 2 1/2" high antique brass letter stencil, antique tintype photo, a vintage playing card, and antique handwritten letter. I love that the girl in the tintype photo is wearing a cross. Click the link to take you to the listing on ebay, and while you're there be sure to check out this outstanding artists ephemera & assemblage lot direct from my own stash of studio treasures.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wearable Alphabet Series

Introducing the wearable alphabet series! This weeks listing: A is for Artist. Created with a 2 1/2" brass letter stencil, tintype photo, and antique pen nib, all treasures found while celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my hubby last weekend (see post below). I've added hand riveted details to the stencil with brass wire and inset mica over the word "Artist". The word "gifts" which you see peeking in the lower left corner of the letter A is from an 1825 bible. I truly believe creating with our hands is a gift that God blesses us with and we glorify Him when we use the gifts he has given us.
I loved working on this piece. The idea came to me before I had even left the flea market with all my goodies, but getting that hole drilled in the pen nib was nearly the downfall of the piece! I was so satisfied with the finished project that I had to make another one for me, just a different photo in mine. Did I mention the tiny collage on the back? A special finishing touch for the buyer to enjoy.
If "A is for Artist" doesn't describe you, keep checking my auction listings, I plan to do a wearable piece from each letter in the alphabet.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage!

It's hard to believe that next weekend my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. That's us on the shores of the Big Thompson River at Romantic Riversong in Estes Park, Colorado. Really, where did the time go? I can honestly say each year has been better then the last.
Since the big day will fall on Fathers day this year, we decided to celebrate early. Saturday morning we set off to Racine, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan to explore the Racine Art Museum. RAM "houses one of the most significant collections of contemporary craft in North America". We were sidetracked as we drove into town by an estate sale and then an art festival right on the waterfront at Festival Park. The weather was perfect, a little crisp but sunny and just the perfect breeze coming off the lake. We strolled through the art festival, then over a few blocks in and out of art galleries, and finally the museum! I can't imagine a more inspiring way to celebrate and I count my blessings that my husband loves to do these things with me!
We hit the early service at church this morning and then off to the Second Sunday Antique Flea Market at the Lake County Fairgrounds, where I hit the jackpot! I picked up some vintage varsity letters, vintage metal clock faces, a great variety of tintype photos, brass letter stencils, old pen nibs, and a WHOLE BASKET of antique and vintage camera lenses! I am going to have fun with these! Be sure to keep an eye on my ebay store, I'm sure I'll be offering some of these treasures for you to create with.

And speaking of my ebay store - I've just packed all new collage kits for and they are da bomb! I seriously nearly changed my mind about selling many of them. They are jam packed full of great treasures. I'm starting to run low on my supplies after filling these kits so if you've been considering buying one this would be the time. When they're gone I don't know how long it will be until I can make more!