Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Stopping By

It has been far too long, my friends. Far too long since I've stopped to write and I have so much to say and so many things to share, but not today. For now I will leave you with a couple of images from my current body of work. All just listed on my website . . .
Darkness is Overcome     by Crystal Neubauer

Upon the Waters      by Crystal Neubauer

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Dear friends, I wonder if you would all take a minute...

Throughout this past year I have been impacted over and over by the importance of having a family-like community of like-minded people in my life. Just now I've come inside from an impromptu conversation in the yard with a couple of good friends, and neighbors, about what it looks like to truly love. How that giving love without expectations, unconditional love, can truly be life changing to somebody. I know, in my own life, what a difference it has made to know there are people who believe in me, and care enough to show it, as I work toward achieving my goals as an artist. Artist, Julia Cameron calls this type of artistic-goal oriented friendship a "believing mirror".
Alphabet Series©    by Jan Avellana

My good friend Jan Avellana has been this type of believing mirror for me. In spite of the ocean between us (Jan lives in Hawaii), we have managed to stay in contact over the years almost daily, supporting and encouraging each other as we work toward achieving our artistic and personal goals. She has been such an encourager to me that I know there are dreams I would have given up on long ago if it weren't for her believing in me.

Today I want to ask you a favor that is as much for me as it is for my friend Jan, you see, when she accomplishes something she has worked hard for, I get to celebrate! And this one is pretty big. Jan is a semi-finalist in the Global Talent Search at Lilla Rogers Studio, an internationally recognized licensing agency. Out of over 1500 entrants, only 50 people were selected as semi-finalist so this is a really big deal! At this point 5 of the entrants will be chosen by the judges and 1 will be chosen by popular vote, so I am asking if you will take just a minute out of your day today and head over to Lilla's website to vote for Jan.

I'm not asking that you vote for her just because she is my friend. I'm asking you to because of the incredibly talented and deserving artist that she is (Just look at the outstanding work I've stolen from her to include in this newsletter!). In all the years I have known her, Jan has worked hard to help support her family and two young boys, while passionately pursuing her dreams as an artist, most of the time after the whole family has gone to bed at night, and for her to even be in the top 50 of this prestigious talent search is an outstanding achievement! If Jan were to win this coveted position as a licensed artist at Lilla Rogers it would be life changing for her and her family.

Self Portrait©    by Jan Avellana

All you have to do is click on her art (second row from the bottom: here) and enter your email at the top of her page where it says to vote and then confirm your vote when you receive an email from the agency.

Lilla Rogers Semi-Finalist Entry© by Jan Avellana

I so appreciate all of you and the support and encouragement you've given me over the years. Thank-you all, for in your own ways, being believing-mirrors to me too!