Saturday, November 25, 2017

Now Available Annual Postcard Sized Art Sale - US and Abroad!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

This really has become one of my favorite events of the year. I get to sit down at the table with all of the scraps I've collected while working on larger works throughout the year, with all of the inspiration and all of the design ideas that I've collected for the last twelve months, and make these small postcard sized works of art to offer up to you.

For only $30 you will receive an original postcard sized collage. Compare to my original 4" x 4" works, which typically sell between $75 - $150. 

These special edition works are each one of a kind, signed on the front, original works of art done in the same abstract style and with the same materials I've been using on bigger works throughout the year. They are suitable for framing, collecting, and gift giving.

To allow me to make such a special offer to you, I get to surprise you with the design-grab bag style. Each work is crafted with the same care and attention to detail that I give to all of my original works of art, the only difference is the time I save by not photographing and listing each one individually. 

The art comes to you packaged in a clear cellophane wrapper. Enjoy your original art displayed on a small easel, frame it and hang it salon style on your living room wall, or even mail it to a friend as mail art! 

This is a limited time, limited quantity opportunity that sells out each year and this year they are available internationally too! Be sure to get one while they last!

US or International

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Welcoming Master Collage and Mixed Media Artist Michael Shemchuk To My Studio

Michael Shemchuk: Abstraction By Design: A Mixed Media Workshop

Join me in welcoming collage and mixed media master artist, Michael Shemchuk to teach in my studio Spring 2018.

A Mixed Media Workshop
$350 per student
March 24 - 25, 2018
10am - 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday
1405 16th Street; Racine, WI (easy flight to Milwaukee and half hour drive from the airport, recommendations for accommodations provided upon request)

This workshop focuses on the triptych. Our goal is to create 3- 20”x20” wood panels to work as a synchronized series, as well as individually stand alone artworks. We will be using the Abstraction by Design process in this endeavor. The ABD approach enables the artist to use their painting and collage experience in tandem with their design & layout skills. We put into practice the physicality of painting and collage as well as our sensibilities of design and layout.

We work with paint, paper and clear mediums, as we focus on textures, color selections, surface manipulations, de-constructing and visual balance. 

Michael Shemchuk (shem) is a San Francisco Bay Area artist, who is represented by several fine art galleries in the US and Canada.
Please visit. 

3-20”x20” wood panels. (Bring additional panels to work on ,if you wish)
     A variety of collage papers (colors,graphics,text,handwritten, aged etc).
1- qt. white latex (satin or semi gloss) house paint.
1- qt. black latex(satin or semi gloss) house paint.
1- qt. acrylic satin varnish
1 pint or qt. Primary Color  (acrylic artist or house paint). Students choose this color to be used on their panels
5- mixing containers w/lids ( plastic yogurt, cottage cheese, qt. containers work well.
4-5 2” chip brushes & artist brushes. Pencils, graphite.
1- small squeegee (only if you have on hand). Scissors
Various wide and narrow putty knives.
Scrubber sponge & rags for clean up.

1-sheet 100 grit sandpaper + sanding block.