Thursday, January 14, 2010

Announcing Portland 2010 Classes

The Art & Soul Portland 2010 schedule was just published and I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching 3 classes this year. Registration goes live on March 1st and classes fill up fast so be sure to bookmark your favorites.

Wednesday night, Oct. 6, I'll be teaching a collage class. You can catch the Artist to Artist Interview by Lesley Riley in the current (Jan/Feb 2010) copy of Cloth Paper Scissors featuring my collage work to see more and read about my passion for combining collage and encaustic wax.

You can see a portion of the interview at this link.
P309 - Encaustic Collage in the Evening
6:30 - 9:30
Wed Eve

This class will help the student to break free of the fears or stumbling blocks that are frequently encountered when facing a blank canvas or trying a new technique. There will be some discussion about working intuitively, trusting the creative voice within, and following that voice to a satisfying finished work of art. The students will create a collage on canvas board and then enhance and protect the collage with encaustic wax medium. Discussion will include how to choose the right adhesive for the job, the use of encaustics versus regular beeswax as a finish layer, adding color, and displaying the finished work. The students should leave the workshop with at least one completed work of art and the knowledge to apply these techniques to other projects.

Use of materials supplied by me will include encaustic wax, paintbrush, heat gun, iron, etc.

Supply List:

Ampersand or generic brand gesso art board (bring several small sized boards)
acrylic gel medium, paste, or students preferred adhesive
variety of papers and thin cloth to create collage

Optional Items:

rubber gloves
oil pastels
oil paint
charcoal pencil or colored pencils
lightweight found objects

You'll find a feature on my Wax & Wire line in the Winter 2010 Issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. Intrigued? Learn how to create your own pendants on Weds. Oct. 6th and pick up all the tips and tricks.

P308 - Encaustic Adornment
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday - Oct 6

This workshop features a unique marriage of materials and techniques not traditionally used together to create a wearable art sculpture that tells a personal story. Each student will gather ephemera and paper or thin cloth mementos in advance of the workshop that will speak of the story the artist carries within. There will be some class discussion of how we can tune in to those stories we all carry in our hearts and how to release them in our art in a way that draws interest from the viewer.
The students will create the foundation and pin back of the brooch from steel wire. Techniques in wire shaping, texturing, soldering, and creating pin backs from wire will be learned. The papers used are preserved with encaustic wax. The students will then learn how to bond the two elements for their completed brooch. If time permits we will create necklace pendants or other pieces of jewelry as well. The students should leave the workshop with at least one completed work of art and the knowledge to apply these techniques to other projects.

$10 Materials fee payable to the instructor include: encaustic wax, solder, flux, small butane torches, butane, steel pins, soldering pick, sandpaper, and steel wool.

Supply List:
16 or 18 gauge steel wire
sturdy round nose & standard pliers
wire cutter
metal file
steel block or anvil
hand towel or metalsmith sandbag
soldering pad (need to be able to push steel pins into it)
dremel with grinding wheel
bits of meaningful or personal ephemera (does not need to be large – but consider color and texture as design elements when choosing)
small disposable paintbrush
long tweezers
small crafters quilting iron
glass or bone burnishing tool or old credit card/gift card.

Optional supplies:
rubber gloves
finger rubbers (to protect fingers while sanding the pin back)
oil pastels
oil paint
charcoal pencil or colored pencils.

You may recognize this piece from the Cloth Paper Scissors article. I had so much fun teaching this class in Portland last year I'll be doing it again in 2010!

P390 - Front & Center 3D Collage w/Story
9 - 4:30
Tuesday - Oct 5, 2010

Oftentimes the only barrier between you and becoming the artist you were meant to be is learning to trust your inner voice. In this class we will learn to listen to the artist inside to quickly create a background for this 3D collage. Once the background is complete, we will move on to learn how to use a jewelers saw to sandwich our main image between two pieces of acrylic and attach it to the collage with a telescoping rivet technique. Each student will create a highly personal work of art as we learn to hear the story that plays inside as we create. We will discuss how the skills learned for the finished piece can be translated into a multitude of other applications in collage, assemblage, and jewelry making.
$10 Materials fee payable to the instructor include: micro-screws and hex-nuts, small beads, drill bit, brass tubes, and selection from instructors ephemera.

Supplies Needed for Class:
-5” x 7” or larger Cradled Artist Panel by Ampersand with 3/4" profile (can also use the 2" profile if preferred)
-A variety of papers, music and text pages for collage
-Collage glue, acrylic medium, decoupage or white glue
-Focal Image to be used for the main image – this can be a vintage image, printed copy or original, a photograph or print – at least 1/3 the size of the canvas
-.60mil or .80mil Acrylic w/ premask attached (this can be found at window replacement centers in outlets such as Lowe's or Ace Hardware) – 2 times as large as your main image
-roll of blue painters tape or other EZ peel tape
-jewelers saw and plenty of sized 1/0 or 2/0 blades -
-bench pin
-Oval Sanding disk - 3M makes a good resin covered one that works really well with acrylic, otherwise just a plain sanding pad or disk is fine.
-Various grades from medium to fine sandpaper, fingernail files, jewelers files
-Dremel &1/16” drill bits (if you can't bring one along, one will be available for class use)
-Fine or medium tipped Sharpie marker

Optional items:
-Acrylic paints
-found objects
-small flat round/disk shaped beads or washers with a wide hole (should accommodate a 1/16” sized screw or wire)

I am really looking forward to the retreat ~ but October seems so far away. Be sure to keep checking back for updates to my schedule as I hope to be adding some local (Far Northern Chicago Suburbs) dates to my teaching schedule soon. And if you are planning to attend Art & Soul Vegas in February be sure to come by my booth on Vendor night, Saturday Feb. 20th at Bally's Ballroom, and pick up some of my art & objects and view the class samples first hand!