Friday, June 22, 2012

EncaustiCamp: Come To The Table

Feeling uninspired? Dry? Disconnected? Then Come. Come to EncaustiCamp this year and relax. Don’t worry about the short time in which you have to prepare, just pack your bag and come. Shorts, sandals, and T will suffice. It is, after all, summer camp. 

Not the summer camp of your youth, where arts and crafts consisted of Popsicle sticks and red & green yarn. No, this is summer camp for grown-ups. For real artists. For you. 

Come. Find yourself welcomed by talented artist instructors, competent at teaching all levels of skill. 

Too late to pick up your supplies? Don’t let that stop you. Just notify your instructors and hear them say “Come”. Find all that you need waiting for you to try. Your instructor will teach you – Safety? Yes, you will glean from their vast experience how to approach the pallet, the tools, the wax, with understanding and respect – but more, they will teach you that you are allowed to try! With deliberate intent to follow your intuition. To give way to the voice that is uniquely your own. To craft the wax to represent who you are and what you have to say. 

Come make friends. Join the party. Watch a movie. Take a field trip. Yes, just like the summer camp of your youth in which life long friendships are forged. 

The all inclusive, no barriers between the experienced and the inexperienced, all are welcomed to the table here, camp for artists and friends. Come. Share a meal. Share an idea. Share a laugh. Relax. Breathe. 

Come dine at the feast that is EncaustiCamp.