Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

One full of lenses ...

One full of thread....

And one full of silver teeth pulled from the dead!

Not really. But that is what the man at the flea market told me, he said his dad worked in a mortuary and I believed him at first! Until I heard my husband snicker behind me. Ah well, it so intrigued me I couldn't help but take a second look and then I just had to buy!
This bag full of crowns and partials has to be my strangest flea market purchase to date. My husband gave up asking long ago, but I'm pretty sure I saw an eyebrow lift just a little bit.
Not to worry though, I can already see one of these tiny silver crowns on the head of a little altered doll. Tooth fairy anyone?

I've opened an Etsy store and closed up shop on ebay and I've been busy busy busy listing my oddities and treasures for you to create with. I've done a lot of buying in the past couple of weeks so keep checking!