Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check out the new Art Pub blog

I'm 95% done with the sorting and organizing in the new studio space. It would be so much easier to get done if I didn't get sidetracked doing things like this!

Look for more of what's been coming together in the studio at the new Art Pub blog !

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pre-Spring Studio Clearance Sale!

I'm doing some pre-Spring cleaning in the studio and have lots of goodies listed in my Etsy shop for you!

Bird Pendants I made for the 12 Days of Christmas swap - SOLD!




Unfinished pendants - you decide how to use it!

DR DOSTAL AND HIS PROTEGE Altered Art Oddities and Miscellany WEIRD SCIENCE Shrine Assemblage Kit Number 3 - SOLD!

Dr. Dostal and his young protege Francis - something about those eyes...

A lense from Dr. Dostal's camera, used to record his medical experiments....

Dr. Dostal's supplies...

Medical bottles with their labels mysteriously removed....

What was Dr. Dostal up to?

These kits I've been putting together have been selling like hot cakes, better grab one while you can!
ODE TO THE EYE Altered Art Oddities and Miscellany Shrine Collage Assemblage Kit Number 2 - SOLD!
Lenses of many kinds...
Vintage wrappers and a numbered gauge....

Small camera lens....

And then there were 12 more days of Christmas!

The season flew by and one of the things that made it so easy to love was the second Christmas art swap I participated in.

Unfortunately, with all of the hustle and bustle, while trying to hold down a full time job and my own sanity, some things had to give, and one of those things was my blog.

Fortunatly, you can check out all the wonderful treasures here on the 12 Days of Christmas blog.
Thanks to the entire group for all the wonderful treasures I received!

On the 12th day of Christmas...

Melissa David gave to me....1 beautiful ornament for my tree!
Well it was a typical Christmas season being rush rush rush at the last minute so here I am on the 14th of January updating you on the final day of my first Christmas swap. I love the fact that this ornament not only looks great hanging from the Christmas tree but will make a great collage to enjoy all year long! Thanks Melissa, sorry I took so darn long giving you the recognition you so very much deserve on this beautiful ornament!