Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hangin Around in the Background

I decided my beatle and Cicada necklaces looked a little unfinished, so I've added background text from the same antique dictionary the images are from.

The 1909 dictionary is chock full of gorgeous illustrations and I've been spending some time choosing fun ones to create more pendants and other jewelry. The cover of the dictionary is absolutely disentegrating and leaving a powdery brown residue over everything it comes in contact with, but the pages are wonderful and I was happy to salvage it before it wound up in the trash heap, as it was nearly the end of the day when I found it sitting all by itself at an estate sale.

A few pages wind up in each of my collage packs along with many other wonderful findings from the same era. I've been really pleased with the packs that I've been pulling together this month and I've received nothing but great feedback on the contents from the buyers! If you are interested, be sure to head over to my Etsy shop today because I am starting to run low.