Thursday, June 14, 2018

Just The Wax - Nothing But The Wax

Just The Wax and Nothing But The Wax

Join me in studio for an Encaustic Wax Intensive workshop weekend, featuring tips and techniques designed to ignite your creativity through the use of hot encaustic wax medium.

Day 1 will be demo heavy, with plenty of studio time for you to practice. The basics of setup, safe practices, and simple techniques will be covered early so even the novice to the craft will feel comfortable as we launch into the exciting possibilities that the medium presents in both a traditional and non-traditional application.

Day 2 will find us expanding the scope and potential of the waxy medium with more demos and plenty of studio time to practice what you've learned and the freedom to interpret to your own style and preferences.

Registrants can sign up for a Saturday or Sunday only option, but the full weekend is recommended to gain an understanding of the depth of the encaustic medium's potential. Demos will include layering, incising, accretion, embedding paper elements and objects, applying surface design, underlayers, texture, color, fabric, 2D and 3D application and more!

Embed paper or objects

Incise lines and details

Discuss and explore alternative substrates and foundations

Each one day class will be jam packed with tips, ideas, and techniques that are sure to inspire, while leaving you with plenty of hands on working time. Projects can be customized and break out demos may be given for requested techniques as time allows.

See details and registration information below:

Explore accretion and layers

Where: My studio in Racine, WI
When: Saturday August 25, Sunday August 26th 2018 
Time: 10:00 - 4:30 

Supply List:
 2" deep (or more) 4" or 6" canvases
Several flat and/or cradled panels - up to 12" on either side
Personal collection of collage elements, fabric, and alternative materials such as cardboard, tea bags, and found objects
small cardboard or chipboard box
toner based photocopies for image transfer (reverse image if text is included)
2" hake or encaustic paint brush 
disposable gloves
baby wipes
supplies or material you are interested in combining with your wax

Just The Wax Encaustic WS