Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day 9 Just Being Playful

Art for Day 9, just a little ACEO Art Card. I love the look of the white on white. Pulling together seemingly random papers and items in a monochromatic scheme is very soothing. Many times when I pull together a random collection in this way I get something inside, a stirring of sorts and I hear a word, a verse, a scripture, and I'll know the storyteller within has something to say.

For whatever reason, I haven't delved too deep, when I see this card all I can think of is "The Zipper Man" from a dialogue between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly in the movie "You've Got Mail" as Kathleen is preparing to meet her mystery man-

JOE: He could be the zipper Man.
KATHLEEN: Who's that?
JOE: This guy on Amsterdam who repairs zippers. You'll never have to buy new luggage.

Sometimes the storyteller just wants to be playful. And here is something else that is playful.

♫ ♪ on the 9th Day of Christmas JoAnna gave to me ♫ ♪

One of my favorite things about this exchange has been the creativity put into the wrapping of each of the ornaments. Many of the artists seem to have put almost as much into the wrapping as they have into the ornament itself.

The first thing I noticed as I began to unwrap JoAnna's ornament was how she managed to engage nearly all of my senses with her wrapping. The visual appeal as you can see, with the clear cellophane as a teaser showing off the the pretty red & white ticking fabric used to hide the gift all surrounded by little shreds of old text and just the hint of the ornament peeking from the top. As I picked it up the silver bell was jingling and when I opened it I caught the slightest whiff of something fragrant. I thought at first I was mistaken, but then noticed a bit of potpourri was also inside the package. It smells so good!

I am absolutely delighted with JoAnnas choice for her ornament this year. She has developed a style that is all her own, a sort of grungy primitive style and often with this muslin vintagy fabric incorporated somehow. But this ornament really shows off her talent for all things distinctly feminine. It is so pretty and I know that I will not want to put this away with my regular ornaments at the end of the Christmas season! Be sure to head over to JoAnnas blog to be wowed with the talent she has for making art dolls, fairies, bottles, and so much more!

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  1. JoAnnA truely puts her heart and soul into each and everything she creates. I agree, the presentation is a treat for the senses. xoxoxoxo