Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 12 - Over The River and Through The Woods

Life has a way of getting away from us doesn't it? I seem to be in a season where I am just continuously amazed at how fast time slips by. It really started to hit me when my youngest daughter graduated from high school. This year she turned 20.

This month I went back home to see my grandmother who just went to live in a nursing home. I was forewarned that she would most likely not know me. She was so cute when I bent down to hug her and she took my head between her hands smiling with delight. I thought for a moment she was going to say my name but when I asked if she knew me she just shook her head and said "no" still smiling wide.

Somehow that wasn't as hard as walking through her house this weekend after most of the furniture and belongings had already been moved. So many memories, especially this time of year, as all of our Christmas Eves as a child were spent gathering with the cousins at Gramma and Papa's house. Our little box of toys was still sitting in the bottom of the hall closet and I couldn't bear to pull it out and look inside out of fear of not being able to regain my composure.

Funny, I haven't been there in years, letting the length of the trip and the obligations of life get in the way of the important stuff, but walking in the door I felt like it was only a few days that had passed. In the cold winter chill the yard looked barren, but in my mind I could still see the flowers Gramma planted there every year and our lawn chairs all lined up waiting to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

How poignant, this reminder is, to really pay attention to the important stuff during this Christmas season. Its not about the gifts or the decorations or the food. Its about the relationships. Take the time to really notice and connect with the ones you have been blessed with and maybe even reach out to someone who hasn't been as blessed as you. What we share of our hearts lasts much longer then anything we could put under the tree.

And speaking of being blessed.....

♫ ♪ On The 12th Day of Christmas Lou McCulloch gave to me♫ ♪

This little altered baking tin is no longer used for baking sweets but still being used to dish it up! I love the pretty red & green patina Lou has given it. Not sure if she used copper patina or paint or inks? Whatever her technique she has managed to make it look genuine, which is honestly something I am drawn to. That look of one layer of paint peeking out behind another. Layers of color, a collage of patina, rust and paint! And the little tintype that I think must be a replica is just as convincing in looking like the real thing. I am so excited to have this ornament to hang on my tree and around my studio in the years to come. Sweet indeed Lou!


  1. Our Christmas celebrations are in transition. Every Christmas these last few years are different than the one before.

    Your Grandmother sounds like a very sweet woman.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas dear! sorry about your grandma being in a nursing home! I understand how hard it is, but I am glad you have such lovely memories to keep you thru the years to come! I love the ornament Lou made!! She is my dear friend and her work still always amazes me!! enjoy your holidays and keep the memories!! I sure enjoy mine as well!! Happy New Year too!! Hugs Linda