Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day 5 - Body In Motion

When I decided to write a blog post each day this month to show you 31 new pieces of art and the 12 Days of Christmas exchange that I'm participating in, I didn't take into consideration that there would be days when I literally just wasn't home long enough to post. Yesterday was one of those days.

I was a body in motion. Work was sandwiched between activities and blogging was not impossible, but doing it early in the am on either end of the day wasn't that appealing. We all have days like that. Not a lot of thinking involved, just taking care of a very full plate.

So here I am on the 6th posting about the 5th and tonight I'll try to catch up with my 6th day post. The ACEO card for Day 5, Body In Motion, has been listed at OPF Studio on Etsy.

♫♪ on the 5th Day of Christmas Ruth Rae gave to me ♫ ♪

Oh lucky me that Ruth still had time to spend on this swap with us! She has been one busy gal this year with traveling to promote A Charming Exchange and putting the finishing touches on, and now promoting her new book, Layered Tattered & Stitched.

And layered, tattered, and stitched is the perfect way to describe this beautiful ornament that Ruth created for the exchange. The layers and layers of warm and cozy fabric with tattered and frayed edges all stitched up to create the little house just invite the feeling of home and family and calm appreciation for the treasure we carry in our hearts through Christ. Just what the season is all about.

Ruth pays such attention to every detail from the way the package is lovingly wrapped in layer after layer down to the way she signs the piece on the back. She is an inspiration! I highly recommend spending some time on her blog and putting both her books on your Christmas wish list!

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