Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Day Is It and Who's Counting Anyway?

So I was a day behind in my posts and now 4 days behind. I've just come off of 3 more "body in motion" days. Taking care of all the important stuff, working the new part time job, doctors visits, morning coffee with very dear friends, and yes that was one of the most important.

Some days it is tempting, when the schedule begins to get tight and things like announcing a 31 day blog challenge get behind on only the 10th day into it, to cancel the things that aren't absolutely necessary. But coffee with friends, especially in the midst of the difficult seasons of life, can be the most necessary and vital appointment on the schedule.

Its nice to sit down and share your secrets, hopes, dreams, disappointments with a few very close women who will laugh, cry, encourage and pray with me. A place to regain perspective and set back out with a renewed ability to handle life and remember what the true purpose in it all is anyway.

And speaking of a few good friends ~

♫ ♪ on the 11th Day of Christmas Deryn Mentock gave to me ♫ ♪

Deryn is the ring leader of our annual Christmas swap. I'm really not sure how long I have known her or exactly where we first met online, but I am privileged to know her and have met her in person recently in person. Deryn is a true giver and puts her entire heart into her work. Take a look at the brilliant way that Deryn wrapped her gift. Using a luxurious purpley blue jeweled length of ribbon stitched around to form a little bag and then, just for the sake of torturing those of us that Deryn knew would not behave ourselves and wait until Day 11 to open the gift, she stitched the gift inside!

Ah, clever girl that she is. I really had no intention of peeking. I'm a big girl and I happen to love the anticipation of waiting and wondering what is inside such a pretty package. But the fact that this was the first present to arrive in the mail, and close to two weeks ahead of all of the rest at that, and the fact that it contained something that I knew was hand crafted by the very talented Deryn Mentock was a very powerful allurement!

Well I did manage to wait, but ONLY because of the stitching that held it all in place, and it was well worth it. Deryn has once again outdone herself creating this very tiny reliquary containing a nativity scene made from genuine vintage and antique elements, including antique bible text, postcard, scripture and many vintage elements that invite the viewer to look deeper and more carefully with each tiny detail. Oh my pictures do not do this little shrine justice. You really do need to read Deryns post and visit her etsy shop to fully appreciate how talented she is, but I warn you, you will wind up wanting one of everything for yourself!

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  1. You guys are having so much fun.
    Opening all those wonderful gifts.