Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 8 Elementary Science

Perhaps this is just what I need today, a text-book in Elementary Science. It may help to explain why I have spent the better part of the day trying to get one simple solder to take with no success.

Granted, the materials I am trying to join are an unlikely duo. Silver and steel. They appear to go together just about as well as music and bugs, or religion and science, or salty and sweet. Really none of these things have to contradict, but can actually compliment the other, be it simply to create a curious appeal, to point to the truth the other holds, or support and enhance the flavor of the other.

I do love this contradiction created by steel and silver together. The dark matte black of the steel against the highly polished silver, but today it is just creating frustration in me so I will put it aside for another day.

Now here is something that I can say went very well for me today. I finally got to open this present!

♫♪ on the 8th day of Christmas Sally Turlington gave to me ♪♫

This beautiful ornament of the Holy family! Now talk about a contradiction. God coming to earth in the form of man. Not just as a man, but being born as an infant in the most humble of circumstances. Demonstrating his desire to serve, not just the King and Creator ruling with iron fisted will, but offering himself to each man and woman as a perfect sinless Savior. Because of Him I do not have to stride for salvation, always weighing whether my goods outnumber my bads.

I am so honored to be able to hang this ornament on my tree. It will remind me, not only of what the Christmas season is all about, but also of the wonderfully talented artist who put so much love into creating this gift for the exchange. Sally personalized each one of the 13 ornaments she created to suit the recipient, adorning with vintage jewelry and baubles. Mine has this beautiful vintage cross dangle that makes it both a reminder of Christs birth and His ultimate sacrifice.

I highly recommend you pay Sally's blog a visit. She has selflessly shared a step-by-step tutorial on creating these Christmas treasures, starting with the hand-formed paper clay arched frames and finishing with her special handmade brayed paper, which I have been dancing happy dances about since the day it arrived in the mail. I carefully removed each little gold staple used to bind it together so that I can use this special paper in my work! Two presies from the very talented Sally Turlington!

And don't forget to stop by OPF Studio where Day 6's art is now listed.


  1. There is nothing worse than having a vision and being unable to create it on the physical plane. I have had that happen more than once. I am sure your ideas will manifest, bigger and better than you imagined. : D

    I just love Sally's ornament. It reminds me of an antique shrine from the Old World. Sally is ever so generous in sharing her techniques with us all. Her papers are so full of color and texture.

    The older I get the more I begin to really appreciate the Nativity and the humble circumstances of Christ's birth. I think it really hit home when a few years ago my Godson, who was five years at the time, pointed how how scared Mary must has been to be pregnant and have to deliever Baby Jesus in a stable without benifit of a medical professional; the later were his actual words and it really made me think about how we are all so fortunate on so many levels.


  2. Sally's ornament is gorgeous!