Monday, December 07, 2009

Day 7 Art & Ornament - One and the Same

Is this cheating? Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas swap was the day everyone opened my present so I think I can get away with saying this is both my new art and my ornament swap photo today! And speaking of cheating, I confess that I never managed to wrap one of my own ornaments for me and didn't get a picture of the wrapped packages before I mailed them, so I have stolen this picture from Sally's blog. But how could I resist? She makes it look so sparkly pretty with the lights reflecting on it like that!

When I thought of all the very talented artists in this group and how many years I have been online friends with so many of them I knew right away I wanted to send them each my whole heart. What better way to express what words just won't say?

I've been working with encaustics for the better part of the year now and have had a love for jewelry making and metalsmithing for quite sometime. Somewhere along the way I managed to bring these two passions together in what I have branded my "Wax & Wire Wearable Art" line and I knew when I was given the opportunity to participate in the exchange again this year that I would creat my ornaments from wax & wire too.

So I designed and then redesigned and tweeked and thought it out and finally settled on a design that I was excited about. But once I started working I realized I might have been a little too ambitious and had to take it to the drawing board once again. The ornament that I wanted to make had a total of 24 soldering points, the one that I wound up making has 4!

If you are intrigued by the process check out the latest addtion of Belle Armoire Jewelry, page 92, for my Wax & Wire tutorial or come and see me in person at Art & Soul in February in Vegas where I will be vending my art & objects.


  1. i love it so much, crystal. i had the best time taking pictures of mine in the rain this morning. it is so beautiful. i hope you'll stop by my blog and share my joy.

  2. As a matter of fact I just came from leaving you a comment about your blog post! haha! How cool to think of us sitting so many miles apart posting on each others blogs at the same time!
    And thanks for the awesome write up on your blog. It warms me to the core!

  3. I can't even tell you how much I love this ornament, Crystal! Your work inspires me. You are surely one of the most talented artists I know!

  4. I am with Kelly and Deryn: this ornament is not only amazing, but inspiring. Your fusion of metalsmithing and encaustics is just genius. I have been having so much fun looking at your ornament in various lights. Thank you so much for sharing this artistic vision and seniment with us all. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. A wonderful ornament!!

  6. How festive! A beautiful ornament...all this Christmas cheer and preparations are getting me in the mood. Thank you for popping into my little blog and cheering me on...I do appreciate it!

  7. Beautiful and clever. Great article in BA.