Friday, December 04, 2009

Day 4 - Tenacity

Day 4 is about Tenacity - and will have to write about it later.

But here's what is really important ~ ♪ ♫ on the 4th day of Christmas Melissa gave to me ♪ ♫

The most beautifully wrapped gift I've ever seen under the tree! This treasure of a bag has had me intrigued since it arrived in my mailbox with such a beautiful package I knew there would be something really special inside.

I was not disappointed when I opened it this morning to find this beautiful plaster heart handcrafted by Melissa David to resemble a Sacred Heart shrine to hang from the tree. With the dangle of objects it makes me think of a window into my soul. A sacred place where love takes root and gets its wings. What a beautiful gift and treasure to hang from my tree!
Melissa doesn't have a blog to direct you to so I will send you back to Deryn's blog for the best photography and to continue to read her study of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

Day 3
's art has now been listed in my Etsy shop ~


  1. The pieces in your recent posts are really special. And such wonderful gifts you are highlighting too!

  2. Mel's work this year is off the hook! Her beautiful sacred heart is so stunning. I love every detail to the piece.

    I really am impressed with the direction of your artwork especially with encaustics. I am looking forward to seeing this series unfold. xoxoxoxo