Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Studio Spotlight With Guest Artist Michel Fletcher

It is Wednesday and that means it is time for a Studio Spotlight. But before I get on with the business of the day, I'd just like to give an update on my RocketHub campaign: After only two days I have nearly reached the 25% mark. I am so grateful to all who have sent me their encouragement and to those who have decided to support my campaign. I also want to clarify that RocketHub is not a charity and does not solicit donations. It is an exchange of goods platform, making it possible for the participant to save for a goal by offering goods in exchange for support. The items I have listed are being offered at greatly reduced pricing; one of a kind works of art, tickets to the ACC show in St. Paul, signed copy's of my book, and workshops for up to six students. It is a win win for all. You can check out my blog post here and the campaign itself here

And now on to Wednesdays Studio Spotlight Series!

Over the course of ten Wednesday's join me in welcoming 10 guest artists as they share a glimpse into the spaces that foster their creative process. One of our ten guest bloggers referred to the artist's studio as "Sacred Space", and indeed it is just that for me. Working in the silence of my own studio is the place I am most easily able to connect to my Creator. As our guest artists share images of their own sacred spaces, they tell a bit of their creative process through the answers to four simple questions. Read about the artist in their bio and then explore the links each one will provide to get to know them a little more.


Michel Fletcher's Studio
I met Michel last summer when she took my collage and assemblage workshop at EncaustiCamp. She had a natural affinity for design and brought her project together beautifully. Aside from the mutual love for a similar aesthetic & color pallet and all things creative, I was struck by Michel's sense of adventure, as well as her wit and sense of humor. As many EncaustiCampers do, we have stayed in touch over the months and I've had the opportunity to enjoy Michel's travels through photo's and posts on Facebook. As soon as I decided to do a studio series, I knew I wanted to ask Michel. Something told me I would really be able to connect with her creative space, and I was not let down in the least bit! So without further ado, join me in welcoming Michel. Have a look at the photos, read about her process and as a treat - we have a video at the end of the post. Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite time of day to create and why?
**Like many artists, my creative heart begins to unravel at night, when the quiet allows my mind to get louder and spill my inspired thought onto canvas.  I take bits and pieces from my days, and then at night, when the rest of the house blanks out the day with sleep, I take those bits of my mind and give them license to unleash in my  my studio.

2. What do you love most about your studio?
**It's an absolute chaotic love triangle made up of messy me, my creative tools and that which will inspire me.  I am entirely clothed in myself in this space, I am home in the sense of where I am supposed to be, and find it difficult to interrupt when my real life knocks on the door.

3. What can always be found in your work space?  
**Besides the obvious? Well, there will always be incense, world music playing that I have collected on my travels and thought provoking words, whether scribbled on a sketch pad, quotes in tattered books, or splashed on my wall, just pondering them gives my mind the release to run the race and see what I end up with at the finish line of my piece. 

4. What dream supply would you purchase if money were no issue? - or alternatively – What medium would you want to learn if time were no issue?
 Well my dream that I am currently and collectively working on is a custom studio placed in Mexico, that truly is where my heart belongs... on foreign land.  Oddly enough, where I reside now feels foreign, but when I am  there, breathing in the culture, which really is a deliciously simple way of life, I feel grounded, my heart pumps at the right beat.  I want to share this with others, and having an Artist retreat seems like exactly what I need to do.  I believe surrounding myself in a richly visual and yet soul soothing environment is my calling, and that voice is getting louder, rather hard to ignore.  Owning an Artist Retreat means I may share with others a peace so many of us lose along the way, a chance to remind us of what we were meant to be in this game of life. 

BIO: Although Michel Fletcher has a residential address on the Sunshine Coast, she is rarely found there, bags always packed, she is called away often by her gypsy heart, as she travels to the lands we dream of, stays there often, embedded in foreign culture, creating her art and admiring first hand that of the masters who made history with theirs. Her soul seems to be fed by the scent of vegan faire, the visual blessing of outdoor markets, the tightness felt on her hands from spent paint and falling asleep with the soft lull of a foreign language.  She is one that not only lives to create, but is true to Live her life Creatively. 


  1. Thanks for this introduction to Michel and her studio. Love the shot of the paper fragments in the frame.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Seth. Michel does have fabulous taste! You should look for her on Pinterest!

  2. Michel..I'm coming to Mexico with you. ha ha Hey, adore all the vintage stuff in your studio...I could feel the spirit of it all by looking at your photos. I also loved the stack of books and the photo frame. Hope you venture to Mexico soon.

    1. She does make it all look and sound so inviting, right?

  3. Love these studio "peeks!"
    A co-op studio in Mexico sounds heavenly!! Michel has the right idea.