Friday, March 07, 2014

Found Object Friday Series with Guest Artist Rick Farrell

Found Object Fridays: We artists love our collections don't we? Even as a child I remember foraging through flea markets and looking for special trinkets that caught my eye. Going for walks, to this day I find myself scanning the ground looking for interesting bits of metal or unique rocks to add to my collections. Long before I knew what I would be doing with them, I collected objects that pulled on something inside of me. As an artist I was thrilled to find there are others who love and collect little oddities and curiosities too.
Rick and I met when he wandered in to my room during the Fine Arts Building's annual party this past December. Rick connected deeply with my use of salvaged materials and happily shared with me photos of his salvaged treasures. Rick has a keen eye for found material with sculptural qualities, seamlessly dry fitting pieces together without welds or connectors. I've selected three of the pictures from the wealth of objects Rick shared with me, and saving the rest for another day. Read the description of each object beneath the photo and then be sure to head over to Rick's facebook page (link in his bio below) and enjoy the intensely colored fabulous photos taken on his world travels.

All found objects. The three metal pieces were all found on the rail line. All the pieces are as is. Very little manipulation. The centerpiece I found in a junkyard and I actually had to pay one dollar. I put the light on it to make it more galleryesque. I have no idea what the original use was for the cut out.

The Freightliner object is a tire cover for a truck. The axle comes also from a truck depot near the garbage. I balanced it on a stand to give it more grace.

The three pieces on the bottom are my found objects. The centerpiece was found at my brother-in-law's recycling factory by my mother. She found it in a dumpster and gave it to me for my birthday. One of my better birthday presents. The two metal pieces to the sides are metal pieces that I found on the rail line. Since I do not know how to weld I have to find pieces that come together easily.

Bio-Rick Farrell is an outsider artist with no tangible artistic ability other than a keen eye for unusual objects developed over many years of traveling to Third World countries. Be sure to friend him on Facebook to see his stunning photography from his travels.

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