Thursday, May 01, 2014

Studio Spotlight with Guest Artist Kristina Trudell

Over the course of ten Wednesday's join me in welcoming 10 guest artists as they share a glimpse into the spaces that foster their creative process. One of our ten guest bloggers referred to the artist's studio as "Sacred Space", and indeed it is just that for me. Working in the silence of my own studio is the place I am most easily able to connect to my Creator. As our guest artists share images of their own sacred spaces, they tell a bit of their creative process through the answers to four simple questions. Read about the artist in their bio and then explore the links each one will provide to get to know them a little more.

I met Kristina last year as a student in my workshop at EncaustiCamp. She was one of those people who had such a solid grasp of her own style, and such a natural propensity for the art of collage that I thought surely she was a working artist who was there to hone her skills and glean from the creativity of others, but it turned out that she was just coming back to her love of art after years of raising her family and working in another career. In reading Kristina's bio below, I want to go back in time and shake the teacher who was so discouraging to her, but I'm such a strong believer in the value of every single bit of our lives to the person that we are and are becoming, that I know Kristina's journey to becoming an artist couldn't have happened any other way. It is part of her story and part of the beauty of the art she will produce going forward. And what beauty it is.....
Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight

What is your favorite time of day to create?
Anytime the house is quiet and I am alone is my favorite time to create. It doesn’t matter to me if it is early or late at night. The key is that I am alone.

Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight

What do you love most about your studio?
My studio space is at one end of a huge room with a cement floor. I love that the floor isn’t precious and also that I have a huge quantity of space to expand when necessary.
Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight

What can always be found in your workspace?
I find India ink to be useful in nearly project.

Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight

What dream supply would you purchase if money was no problem?
I’d love to have one of Paula Roland’s hot boxes to make monoprints to use in my encaustic pieces. Hoping to make that dream a reality!

Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight

What medium would you learn if time was not an issue?
My dream would be to go back to school for a Fine Arts degree and have a chance to be exposed to many mediums. Printmaking intrigues me at the moment. I am fortunate to have the Kirkland Art Center just down the street that offers classes in many mediums taught by professionals in their fields.

Kristina Trudell Studio Spotlight
I come from a quiet, creative family and have had the desire to create for as long as I can remember. As a child I spent hours drawing, painting, making mosaics, ceramics, and learning to knit. Every chance I had to take art classes I did and desired to go to art school once I graduated. Unfortunately I had an art teacher in high school that told my parents since I wasn’t proud enough of my work to sign it on the front they shouldn’t send me to art school. Being quiet, a pleaser, and full of self doubt I decided the teacher must be right. 

I went on to pursue a career in healthcare, working for the last 42 years, and raising a family. My creative outlets during this time were being a classroom art docent in the school my children attended, working on auction projects, cooking, decorating, knitting, making jewelry, and an occasional art class. The desire to create has always been strong and so has the desire to be a working artist. I just didn’t know how to make it happen when my life was already so full and happy with working and raising my family.

Once my children were raised and off to college I had time on my hands even though I was still working. At this point I began to take workshops, my favorites being Encausticamp and more recently two workshops with Lisa Pressman and one with Bridgette Guerzon Mills. The instructors and students at Encausticamp were so welcoming and encouraging. I felt as though I had found my tribe! I enjoyed hearing their stories of becoming artists and that it isn’t always an easy road but it’s worth it. 

As of December 2013 I am no longer working in healthcare and feel this is my opportunity to pursue my artistic dreams. My desire at this time is to cultivate the courage to express myself and realize my artistic voice. I’m grateful for the influence of many artists whose workshops I’ve attended. I want to take what they have given me and make it my own. In order to do this you will find me working. I will treat it like a job. Ideal conditions don’t exist and I’ve stopped waiting for them. The time is now. I am an artist.

I still prefer to sign my work on the back. I feel a signature takes away from what I’ve created and I feel good about my decision! It feels right to me and that is all that matters.

One of these days I will get around to having a website. At the present time I can be reached by email at or on facebook under Kristina Honn-Trudell.


  1. Kristina, Delighted to read your words and see your studio. Yes, you are an artist!

  2. Your story will encourage many women entering mid-life and re-claiming their artistic self! Your studio is similar to mine with a concrete floor and lots of windows. So happy that since December you are free to fully pursue your dream!