Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Tracy Proctor: The Many Faces of EncaustiCamp

Another edition in the continuing series designed to share with you the many faces of one of my favorite places to teach, EncaustiCamp. Held each summer in the Seattle area, this extraordinary retreat not only has captured many a student and teacher's heart, but also become the subject of a book featuring each of the instructors and a few of the camp VIPs. I hope to bounce around between teachers, vendors and former students (or "lifers" as they become affectionately known), throughout the series to give you a taste of the goodness from many perspectives. 

This week artist Tracy Proctor shares an experience she had as a result of attending EncaustiCamp as a student last year. I simply love serendipitous stories like this, and especially when they are accompanied by the visual feast that is Tracy's art. Read on and be sure to check out her bio and links below!
Seattle Installation by Buster Simpson
Before heading to Encausticamp last year, I had a wonderful weekend with my husband in Seattle to celebrate our second year anniversary.  We were walking through Pike Place and stumbled across some laundry hanging from buildings in Post Alley.  I was so inspired by the photo I decided to do an encaustic painting from the photos I took. I wanted to find out more about the laundry hanging behind the market, so I goggled it and found that it was an installation hosted by the Frye Art Museum: Buster Simpson//Surveyor the first retrospective survey of work by Seattle artist Buster Simpson, a pioneer in the field of urban environmentalism and art in public spaces.

A friend mentioned that I should email the artist a photo of my painting. I was a little nervous as Buster Simpson is a successful artist in the US for the past 45 years, but I decided what the hell.  I just received an email back to him and one of his collectors wants to purchase the piece! I guess I made the right decision by sending him an email.
"City Laundry" Encaustic Painting by Tracy Proctor
See more information on Buster Simpson
Tracy Proctor in her studio
I have been working in Encaustic for the past eight years and teaching encaustic workshops in Alberta and BC for the past six years.  I have been to four encaustic conferences over the years but I am now definatly an ecamp lifer. I look forward to this year’s conference and will be spending the weekend before the conference in Seattle to celebrate my third anniversary!   

I will be teaching this September in a Canadian Encaustic retreat in Penticton, B.C.  (email swirlfineart@icloud.com for details).

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