Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Studio Spotlight Series: A Body (of work) In Motion

My final Studio Spotlight Series guest artist has been delayed in sharing with many new life events happening. I will happily share her studio at some point in the future but today I thought I'd show you the chaos that is my own studio as I prepare to leave this Sunday for Cincinnati to do the photo shoot for my book. 

The photo shoot for my book. What a surreal thing that is to say.

I am in the midst of preparing the step-outs for each of the projects and getting everything as organized as possible. This is a shot of my studio as of yesterday afternoon - just a bit over 24 hours after I had cleaned it all up. Ah, but you, my fellow artists, will understand. This is what happens when a body of work is being born! 

A Body (of work) In Motion - Studio Spotlight Series with Crystal Neubauer

And here is a picture of the calm that comes from the chaos:

"Many Happy Returns" - 10" x 10" collage by Crystal Neubauer
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  1. Crystal, I hope you get to take some time to enjoy Cincinnati. We got to seek out some hidden gems a few weeks ago when the kids were on spring break. After living here for many years it's amazing what we take for granted. I hope the weather cooperates for your visit! If you need directions or advice on what to see just give me a shout. Congrats on the progress of your book!

    1. I was really hoping to spend time exploring Angie, but wound up with some nasty gluten poisoning that left me feeling too tired to go out each night. I had no idea what a beautiful area it was and a return trip is a must! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming book! How exciting! I can't wait to see it!! yay!