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Meet Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch: The Many Faces of EncaustiCamp!

This is the second post in the continuing series designed to share with you the many faces of one of my favorite places to teach, EncaustiCamp. Held each summer in the Seattle area, this extraordinary retreat not only has captured many a student and teacher's heart, but also become the subject of a soon-to-be-released book featuring each of the instructors and a few of the camp VIPs. I hope to bounce around between teachers, vendors and former students (or "lifers" as they become affectionately known), throughout the series to give you a taste of the goodness from many perspectives. 

This week, none other then the founder and fearless leader of the camp, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. When I first began to work in Encaustics and wanted to learn more, Patricia's first book on the subject was one that I turned to. Our paths crossed, so-to-speak, after one innocent "thumbs-up" encounter on Facebook, after which, Trish enrolled in my "Wax and Wire" workshop at Art and Soul, an invitation to come and teach at EncaustiCamp was extended, but more importantly, a friendship was formed. It is with deep pleasure and great admiration I introduce to you Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch...
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch - "Peel Your Image From the Mirror" - Encaustic on Panel
What are you teaching at EncaustiCamp this year?
Dyed in Encaustic; all kinds of yummy techniques that tint the encausticbord before encaustic comes in. We use batik tools and djanting pens to really have some fun with this foundation technique! It plays toward what I've picked up in my time in AU and it is fun to share it with everyone.
Fearless Leader & Founder of EncaustiCamp, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
What is the number one thing you hope to impart to the students who take your class at EC?
You can do it! There is a creative voice in everyone, and if you've come this far, to commit to attending ECamp, then you have that voice; risk trying it all and giving your all, and you will find your way in encaustic.
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch  View of Encaustic works exhibit
What will students get from your class at EncaustiCamp that they can't get from other classes you teach?
A crazy woman! Truly-and it's not a bad thing :) I gave myself the tag line 'reach more, teach more, inspire more' over six years ago, not really knowing what that meant at the time, just having a passion to do all that it said. Students get in my workshops the crazy woman who is living out that passion in the actual; and at ECamp, the crazy woman who gets to rejoin the amazing community it's become and continues to grow into and share what the past year since the last retreat has held, inspired, taught, grown in me....crazy women are good when used in the right way! LOL
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch - "What If Nothing Were as Veiled or Complicated?" Encaustic Work
What is your most memorable moment at EncaustiCamp?
Too many to catalog! It is beyond wonderful to have my son there; all my sons but specifically Patrick. There is just something about him there, watching him open up to the people, that is magical. Also the first year; standing in front of everyone and crying my eyes our in blissful joy and wonder that they were all there and trusted me to deliver something when I didn't even really know what that something was~

And being intimidated by Judy Wise, watching her approach across the gardens, a bit terrified as she joined me in the first year, then having her not only stay for the day she committed to, but hang out for the entire week to 'experience the peace and magic' that unexpectedly, delightful hit her there. And now, to have her as a desperately dear friend. And along with me for all three retreats this year...

And Stephen Workman pulling me aside and saying 'I don't know what it is, but you have something special. And whatever it takes I will be at EncaustiCamp to experience it each and every year.'

And Ginny Rice, on the first day, first morning, of ECamp 2013 grabbing me as we rushed to studios and saying, 'Thank you for being in the world, at this time, in this way.'
Yeah, wowzers eh?! Who does that?!!!! :)

Happy students of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Known for her foundations work and mark making, Patricia is a dynamic encaustic artist, author and international instructor steeped in experimentation and exploration. She’s worked her art to embrace the multi-faceted, all-inclusive nature of life; showing up in not only in her work-practice, but her life-practice as well. Find her traveling the globe to inspire artists and craftspersons worldwide to the ancient art of painting in melted beeswax alongside her impassioned exhibitions throughout Australia and the US and you’ll come to only dip a toe into the depth of her investment into this art form and the desire to inspire and enliven.

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