Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet Shary Bartlett: The Many Faces of EncaustiCamp

Another edition in the continuing series designed to share with you the many faces of one of my favorite places to teach, EncaustiCamp. Held each summer in the Seattle area, this extraordinary retreat not only has captured many a student and teacher's heart, but also become the subject of a book featuring each of the instructors and a few of the camp VIPs. I hope to bounce around between teachers, vendors and former students (or "lifers" as they become affectionately known), throughout the series to give you a taste of the goodness from many perspectives. 

Today Artist/Instructor Shary Bartlett joins us to talk about her experience at EncaustiCamp last year as an instructor and what she is hoping to impart to her students when she returns this year. Shary joined us in my Found Object Friday series not to long ago, so I am especially appreciative that she agreed to participate in the EC series. 
Shary Bartlett - Wax Sculpture and Printing at EncaustiCamp
What are you teaching at EncaustiCamp this year?

Be amazed by the remarkable three-dimensional forms, textures and translucence that become possible when encaustic meets Tyvek and Lutradur.  In this workshop, participants will learn how to print and distress spunbonded fibres, exploring how these can be shaped into sculptural surfaces which are waxed, coloured and highlighted to create unique works of art. (See more hereI am teaching how to create 3D wax sculpture and print photographic images onto spunbonded fabrics like Lutradur and Tyvek.  These new age fabrics include that lacy material you might find under your mattress. It is amazingly versatile and magical when distressed and covered in wax.  
Shary Bartlett - Workshop Instructor at EncaustiCamp

What is the number one thing you hope to impart to the students who take your class at EC?

I hope to impart a spirit of fun, inventiveness and anything is possible! Most of us have not worked with these new fabrics and they are enticing-  especially when married with the luminosity and depth of sweet-smelling beeswax!
Shary Bartlett - Workshop Instructor at EncaustiCamp

What will students get from your class at EncaustiCamp that they can't get from other classes you teach?

I get to be with students from breakfast till late into the evening!  I get to know them as people as we are "camping" together in this beautiful facility with breathtaking views of Puget Sound in Oregon.  We get to share our mutual passion for art all week. Yahoo!
"Opening" Encaustic Wax Sculpture by Shary Bartlett

What is your most memorable moment at EncaustiCamp?

Seeing students who have spent the whole day making wonderful art with inspiring teachers, reveling in the optional open studio at night and celebrating their own and each other's creativity.
Shary Bartlett, Artist, Workshop Instructor, EncaustiCamp Lifer
Shary Bartlett is an artist and Fine Arts instructor at Capilano University and Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. She has taught art in the United States and Bali.  Her mixed media body of work includes encaustic, collage, acrylic, fibre arts, altered photographic prints and sculptural assemblage.  Find her on FacebookPinterest and her website:  www.sharybartlett.com.   

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