Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Studio Spotlight with Guest Artist Tye Johnson

Over the course of ten Wednesday's join me in welcoming 10 guest artists as they share a glimpse into the spaces that foster their creative process. One of our ten guest bloggers referred to the artist's studio as "Sacred Space", and indeed it is just that for me. Working in the silence of my own studio is the place I am most easily able to connect to my Creator. As our guest artists share images of their own sacred spaces, they tell a bit of their creative process through the answers to four simple questions. Read about the artist in their bio and then explore the links each one will provide to get to know them a little more.

Tye Johnson first crossed my radar as an artist when I received a newsletter from a gallery that was promoting an event Tye was involved in for the Dreamcatcher foundation, a non-profit group raising funds for a shelter and awareness about human trafficking in the city of Chicago. I contacted Tye about donating art to the cause, and though it was too late for me to participate in that event, it opened the door of communication between us. I so admire the passion Tye has for social justice issues, especially where women and teens are concerned. And I so so admire Tye's style as an artist, where the female figure is often the focus of her work. It is so evident that she is fully living out the passion she has for empowering women openly and authentically. Read on and Enjoy!
Tye Johnson Studio

What is your favorite time of the day to create & why? 
I would probably choose mid-day as my favorite time of day to create because I am most rested and alert then. Sadly, I rarely get to paint during this time because I also work during the day as a 5th grade teacher. Typically, I like to create when I can create enough mental space to get into the process and when I'm well rested.

What do you love most about your studio?
When I'm in my studio, I feel like I'm transported into another world. It actually scares me to go sometimes because I get so engulfed and I don't want to leave, eat, sleep, etc. Although I'm not there as much as I'd like to be, it's the place where I feel the most creative peace.
Tye Johnson Studio

What can always be found in your work space?
In my work space, whether its my painting studio or my classroom, you will always find an assortment of materials that I  can use at whim. I love the spontaneity of creativity and being able to use random tools, from paper to fabric to chalk to ink to whatever is available. I try to teach my students to operate in the same way- to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers and to use the resources around them.

What dream supply would you purchase if money were no issue? - or alternatively – What medium would you want to learn if time were no issue?
If money and time were no issue, my dream 'supply' would be to form a band and the 'medium' I would like to perfect is playing the guitar. I love music and I love to sing. I play the guitar a little, but wish I had more time to devote to really learning it.
Artist Tye Johnson
As an emerging artist, Tye Johnson has exhibited with international artists, had an award-winning painting at the Woman's Works art exhibit covered by Chicago Gallery News, corporate sales with companies such as Intren, Inc., and her studio is at the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, home of the famous Zhou Brothers and other prominent globally-known artists. She is the vice chair of The Dreamcatcher Foundation, an organization helping victims of human trafficking, a fifth grade school teacher in Oak Park, and is the founder of Tye Johnson Artistry, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to igniting social change and reform through art. This nonprofit includes a network of artists committed to social change and proprietary service-learning curriculums. Tye is also a speaker within the Women's Empowerment (WE) network and a workshop developer who covers people empowerment, social justice, and self-branding.


  1. Thanks for sharing Tye's studio space here. Her work is new to me and I love what I see!

    1. Her work is so powerful and I was so excited she agreed to participate in the series. Thanks for stopping by today Seth!

  2. wow!
    Tye sounds like such a neat person and artist!
    our church is hosting a conference soon that also focuses on human trafficking. Such an important issue!