Monday, April 28, 2014

Redemption Stories Series with Guest Artist Tessa Moore

Redemption Stories Monday: For the next ten Monday's join me in welcoming 10 guest artists as they share a story of redemption from their own life or work. These stories may be a broad overview or observation, or they may be very specific, deep and personal. The post may be very short or very lengthy. I have left the specifics up to each of the ten. View images of their work as you read their words, and bios. Be sure to check out the links each one will provide to learn even more about them. 

I think Tessa is the only guest I've had in this series that I knew in my personal life before I discovered she had a blog online. For the nearly two years I've had the pleasure of knowing Tessa, I've been struck continuously with the wisdom and maturity she carries at such a young age; the type of wisdom and maturity that manifests in a great love for other people through the confidence that she has in knowing how much she is loved by our heavenly Father -  and in the desire to share that knowledge with whomever she meets, whether through ministry, friendship or to those of us lucky enough to be a part of her home community. An incredibly talented writer and artist, I am very excited to introduce Tessa to you today...

"iii.xx" by Tessa Moore

Redemption came for me in a place of deep surrender. It was a season of obedience and letting go. I gave to the Lord my first fruits, the things I held most dear. My future, my schooling… everything. The thing I learned about God is that when we give Him ourselves, He is faithful to not let us remain empty. We empty ourselves to be filled. Through big mountains in my life (difficulties, transitions, changes), God continued to fill and be faithful. He redeemed me to Himself. He did not miss a thing, but saw all, and loved all. He loved me to life through my surrender to Him. It was my alabaster jar of perfume: I saw His worth and so I poured it all out.

One thing I love about the Lord is that when we look back and see His faithfulness, we can be sure of His future faithfulness to us. We do not have to fear our future, but can rest assured that He has us covered—head to toe.

My life is in a huge transition phase. There are times when all these changes paralyze me, but when I think of how God has been faithful to me in the past, I do not fear the mountains in front of me. Instead, I look forward with joy to the changes, to the transitions, because I know just as God has met me along these mountains, even more so will He meet me now. These mountains will cause my heart to love Him more, and is that not what we were all created for?

This watercolor piece, titled iii.xx is my representation of redemption, and future redemption. God has given me grace to let go, grace to follow him, and grace to let Him redeem me to life, and life abundant. I no longer live held back, but I am set free, and soaring with my God. Redemption came in the form of obedience; redemption came in the form of finding God’s worth, and laying it all down. This has not become one moment of surrender to God, but a daily choice to walk in obedience, humility, and love for my King. I choose to love Him above all, and to trust that He will always go above and beyond what I could ever ask or imagine in return.

The geometric mountains represent all the big things coming up in my life... my big move across the country, my career change, and my marriage to the love of my life in November… I believe that God’s banner over me in all things is Ephesians 3:20, and as I cross these mountains, that He will meet me with accomplishing infinitely more than I might ever ask or think.

I use Swedish in most of my art pieces as a reminder of my heritage and my ancestors that went before me, who fought the good fight, and lived lives worthy of their calling. Äran tillhör Gud is the beginning of Ephesians 3:20 in Swedish, meaning Glory belongs to God. And so it does, the glory belongs to God.
detail of "iii.xx" by Tessa Moore

My name is Tessa Moore and I am a young watercolor artist from Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in an incredibly creative family, and with three older siblings. My whole life I have loved art and writing, but only recently discovered my love and passion for watercolor. I gave my life to follow Jesus at a young age, and feel that I connect with Him best while doing art. When I paint, I feel God’s presence so strongly. I am excited for how God is going to use art in my future and in my walk with Him.

I have recently started my own side work called Emelia No. 4. This includes design, watercolor, and writing. My first love was writing, and it is really exciting for me to see how watercolor and writing are colliding for me. My blog is, and will soon be posting more of my artwork, as well as more consistent writing. If you are interested in a custom watercolor or graphic piece, contact me at for more information.

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