Friday, April 25, 2014

Found Object Friday with Guest Artist Deryn Mentock

Deryn Mentock, Found Object Friday

Found Object Fridays: We artists love our collections don't we? Even as a child I remember foraging through flea markets and looking for special trinkets that caught my eye. Going for walks, to this day I find myself scanning the ground looking for interesting bits of metal or unique rocks to add to my collections. Long before I knew what I would be doing with them, I collected objects that pulled on something inside of me. As an artist I was thrilled to find there are others who love and collect little oddities and curiosities too. 

Over the course of ten Fridays I am honored to introduce ten different guest artists who will share some of the objects they love. You may recognize some of these names, while others may be new to you, each one is somebody whose style I admire. Check out the photos of their found object-and in a virtual show and tell, read about how it caught their attention and what they plan to do with it. Then check out their bios and links to learn more about each artist. . .
Deryn and I met online early on in my days of mixed media, assemblage and jewelry making. I can't recall exactly how or when or where, but we shared an affinity for pulling together seemingly random items into a cohesive assembly, and more than that, for seeing The Divine in the process of it. It is a rare combination to find in a friend, to share the love of art, to find yourself growing in your own art careers at the same time, and to have the same outlook on it all through the same belief system. I cherish the support and the cheering on and the camaraderie I've found in friends like this, especially this very talented and oh so kind one...
Deryn Mentock, Found Object Friday

What is it?

Boy, I had a hard time just choosing one item! I have a nice collection of interesting found objects, some of which I have plans for in future pieces of jewelry, and some that I just like to keep and savor. I think my all-time favorite find is this box of vintage brass trim. 
Deryn Mentock, Found Object Friday
Where did you find it or purchase it?

I was digging through one of my favorite antique malls, one day, when I spotted this brass trim. There was quite a lot of it and the vendor really wasn’t willing to budge much on the price. So, I ended up buying about half of it, which was quite expensive. Once I got home, I realized how versatile it would be for jewelry making so I went back and made an offer for the rest of it. I bought all that she had. 
Deryn Mentock, Found Object Friday
What caught your attention about it?

When I spotted it, it was dirty, dusty and kind of corroded…just my speed! The various embossed patterns really appealed to me and I knew this was the kind of element that would make my jewelry pieces distinctive. It’s funny how you just “know” when you’ve found something special. 
Deryn Mentock, Art Jewelry from Found Objects
How will you use it?

I’ve been using it, bit by bit, in my jewelry designs. As a jewelry designer and metal worker, I’m always looking for ways to make my pieces stand out and I knew I’d hit the jack pot with this brass trim. It’s something that makes my jewelry unique and I love its vintage shabby chic-ness. 
Deryn Mentock, Art Jewelry from Found Objects

Originally from Oregon, with a stop in Wyoming, Deryn Mentock got to Texas as fast as she could. There, she wrangles a husband, two young men, an energetic pup, and a nice collection of cowboy boots. She has been passionate about art, especially jewelry design, for as long as she can remember. When she’s not traveling to teach, or treasure hunting, she is in the studio designing pieces that combine metal, gemstones, and unique well-loved treasures in unexpected ways. She is a nationally recognized instructor who loves teaching technique and design, as well as sharing insight into her creative process. She also enjoys teaching online workshops from her “Jewelry Works“ site. Her design work includes work done for Michaels stores nationwide, the Ice Resin design team and the Industrial Chic line of jewelry findings. Her jewelry and artwork have been featured in numerous books and magazines, including a feature article and cover for Belle Armoire Jewelry.

You can see more of Deryn’s work at her blog,; her online workshop at; and her online shop,


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