Friday, April 18, 2014

Found Object Friday with Guest Artist Wen Redmond

Found Object Fridays: We artists love our collections don't we? Even as a child I remember foraging through flea markets and looking for special trinkets that caught my eye. Going for walks, to this day I find myself scanning the ground looking for interesting bits of metal or unique rocks to add to my collections. Long before I knew what I would be doing with them, I collected objects that pulled on something inside of me. As an artist I was thrilled to find there are others who love and collect little oddities and curiosities too. 

Over the course of ten Fridays I am honored to introduce ten different guest artists who will share some of the objects they love. You may recognize some of these names, while others may be new to you, each one is somebody whose style I admire. Check out the photos of their found object-and in a virtual show and tell, read about how it caught their attention and what they plan to do with it. Then check out their bios and links to learn more about each artist. . .
Artist Wen Redmond has a way with fiber, mixed-media and collage that affects me deep down to the bones. Tactile textural earthy surfaces that look as if you might have come across them on the forest floor, but not without influence by the artist's hand. I feel deeply connected to what happens on her canvases in a spiritual way and there is a response that happens that defies words. I'm so pleased to have Wen join us with her found object treasure today. Do yourself a favor and head over to her website after reading her post below. You won't be disappointed.
Wen Redmond Found Object Friday
What is it?
Where did you find it or purchase it?
Generally the beach but I gather rocks and stones wherever I go.
Wen Redmond, Art from found objects
What caught your attention about it?
Ever since I was a child, I enjoy the glimmer, shape and smoothness of rocks and stones. 
I find sitting on really big ones grounding.
How will you use it?

Stones often ‘pose’ for me. I use the photographs of my favorites in a number of ways but usually in my Digital Fiber work.
And I use larger stones or rocks as weights for my media mix work.
Wen Redmond, Art from found objects
New England artist, Wen Redmond enjoys exploring her medium, expanding its perception, and pushing the boundaries to see “what if?”

Her artistic work now merges digital processes, photography, collage and surface design. She delights in creating dialogue, changing perspectives and perceptions of fiber; an unusual use of fiber combining painting and digital media into a one of a kind art piece.

Wen has created several signature Digital Fiber Techniques such as Holographic Images, Textured Photographs and Serendipity Collage Technique. She has two DV workshops available at Interweave Publishing. Workshops focus on experimentation, begging the question ‘Lets try that!’, including digital fiber, painting, nature printing, silkscreen, mono-printing and mixed media. Wen delights in creating dialogue, changing your perspectives and perceptions of fiber.
Her work and articles have been published, including an appearance on Quilting Arts TV, Quilting Arts DVD’s, Cloth Paper Scissors, The Studio Quilt State of the Art, Sandra Sider, Ink Aid Website, SAQA Journal, Quilt Visions CA , Surface Design Journal, Art Quilt Elements catalog, Innovative Digital Fiber Images book, Fiber Arts Magazine 2005, Crafts Report 1997 and her first article in International Quilters Magazine,1986. 

Wen’s work has been in galleries, juried, solo, and invitational shows including an invitation to The Museum of AQS Paducah, KY 1986, Quilt National, National Fiber Directions, Visions, Whistler Museum, Columbia University, NYC, Rubin Gallery, Boston University, Craft Boston, Art Quilt Elements, Quilts=Art=Quilts, Form not Function, Niche Finalist 2008, 2010, & 2012, 2014 and in private and public collections.

Please refer to her blog or website for more information about her work and workshops.



  1. Hello Crystal, lovely to meet you my name is Marilyn Stephens I found you via Wen who is a friend of mine on Facebook. I'm a Mixed Media Textile artist living in Cornwall, England. Looking forward to following your blog, best wishes, Marilyn x

  2. As an artist I was thrilled to find there are others who love and collect little oddities and curiosities too. ...