Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Okay maybe not to a theater, how about a workshop instead?

I've been busily making samples for 2010 workshops and thought I'd give you a sneak peek.

"Frame It"

Wax & wire wearable sculpture - the focus will be on allowing the student to express their personal artistic style and framing it up as a pin back brooch.

My inspiration for the piece was a patch I saw in the pavement near my house. Yes - pavement black and gray and gravely. A stretch, I know, but the pattern caught my eye and stayed with me. I'm going to take my camera down the road and get a picture.

"Flower Power"

Wax & wire wearable sculpture - the focus of this class really epitomizes the quote I took my store name from "I have gathered here an offering of other people's flowers, bringing to them of my own only a thread to bind them with." --Montaigne

The focus will be on the student bringing together personal mementos to form the petals of the flower to tell a story.

The upper petal is an image from a 1910 Dictionary. The middle is the address portion of an antique envelope that held a love letter.

The lower petal was from a very old antique divorce certificate. The center of the flower was the marbled end paper from an antique book.

The foundation of each brooch is one length of wire, including the pin back. The student can choose to use either steel or sterling.

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to follow your blog. I love the flower you created. Very interesting..makes me wonder how you did it. :)

    Feel free to visit me anytime, also. I'm always looking for new friends and blogs to read.

  2. Crystal, you're on fire!
    It's great to check in on you and see you've been creating away..
    more great burnished golden colors and your consistent evocative feel..
    glad to see these!
    I have to thank you for setting the bar high in terms of wrapping and sending artwork..
    I just had my second Etsy sale (my first one to a stranger!) and suddenly I realized I had to be professional, as well as have aesthetic going on, and to wrap to preserve the artwork as well.
    I really feel I'd be doing a much worse job had I not had you for my role model!
    I may "borrow" your seafoam green tissue as a staple for my wrapping many good ideas!
    Thanks again for setting the bar high, your friend, (and foster mom to your painting) Cecilia G