Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Studio Purge

I've been doing some major purging of my studio this past few weeks (to continue in the weeks to come) and listing some of my favorite items in my shop. The plan is to make room for this summers round of flea market sailing and estate sale romping, and if all goes as planned, a trip to the longest yard sale at the beginning of August!

Click each picture to take you to the corresponding listing and be sure to let me know if you are looking for specific items that you don't see. You never know what I'll find in my studio stash!

Dainty Antique Seneca Trio Camera Lens

Antique Camera lenses - 2 pack

Click the photos for the specific listings or click here for more camera lenses

"Almost Assembled" Embellishment

Check here for more "Almost Assembled" pieces I never finished - but you can!

Chunky Antique Lenses salvaged from old cameras - 2 pack

Antique lens salvaged from an old accordion style camera

"A Day At the Beach" Found Object/Assemblage/Collage Lot

Antique Letterpress block

More letterpress blocks here

Repair Lot for your Rejuvenated Jewelry Projects

Repair lot Antique Rosary beads and jewelry for your rejuvenated style jewelry projects

more rejuvenated jewelry repair lots here

Repair Lot with rosary chain and some very special beads

Antique Celluloid Embellishments

more cool embellishments here

"For The Dogs"

"Almost Assembled"

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  1. A tidy up and a clear out is a really good way to get the creative juices flowing.