Thursday, October 21, 2010

Announcing Encausticamp - A Highlighted Journey

Dabbling in encaustics was a natural and somewhat uneventful shift in my journey as a collage artist. I was looking for a way to enhance, protect, and add more depth to my work, while maintaining the textural quality of the antique papers that I loved. After spending time perusing a stack of new art books at Borders one evening, I came home with "Encaustic Workshop" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, feasted on the eye candy it contained, read a bit on the process, and set about developing an encaustic style of my own, falling in love with the process, and eventually coming up with my "Wax & Wire" jewelry line. I couldn't get enough of the endless possibilities using this warm honey-smelling medium. It all seemed innocent enough...

To say that doors have been opening as a result of this exploration seems like a bit of an understatement. In fact, I have been feeling more like Natalie Portman in this scene from "Where The Heart Is". The door hasn't just been opened, but more nearly thrown from its hinges, barely leaving me time to register the wonder of it all as tornado-like forces suddenly pull me through.

 Melodramatic? Maybe a little. . .

There are times in your life when you just know that something is significant. There is a shift in the ground beneath your feet. A tiny crack in the heavens, just beyond your vision, for just a billionth of a fraction of a second, as you glimpse behind the curtain to the brilliance beyond. It's what my friend Sue recently described as God "highlighting" something significant. It may be just a verse from a song, or a scripture you've heard so many times it almost passed your notice. A word softly spoken by a stranger, or something that makes a particular person stand out among so many others and a new friendship is born. Even something that resonates deep within as you pick up an art book from the shelf at the bookstore. 

And you just Know.

Not that you know what it is that you know. You just know. The moment has been lit from above.  

The wonderment and suddenness comes when you look up one day and you start to see the connections between those highlighted moments and realize you were on a deliberate path that brought you to this place all along.

It is gazing at a night sky filled with millions of pinpoints of starlight and noticing some are brighter then others and then tracing a line between those bright stars and seeing the Big Dipper. Not so random. Not so unconnected.

And this path you have been following widens just a little and it all seems so suddenly to have come together. 

And you know. You just know. Others can see it too and it becomes so bright, so visible, it beckons for them to follow.

These highlighted moments would fill many posts and may yet find their way into a few, but each one has led to this moment and yet this is just one step in many to come - how do I know? I just know that I know.

Join me on this creative journey at Encausticamp - A special all encaustics retreat - for 3 full days and 4 evenings of inspiration and education hosted by Artist and Author Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, July 2011. Follow Trish's Encausticamp blog for unfolding details and stay tuned here for news!


  1. Oooh, Now you're bringing out the big guns!
    Might have to check into this.
    xoxo Kim

  2. OH YAH, BABY! WHAT A GREAT POST AND AN AWESOME LEAD IN TO YOUR BEYOND EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO AND HOOO! :) i pray for the day i know that i know. until then, knowing that you know gives me hope that one day i'll know too. you know? ;) jan

  3. Crystal...this is beautiful. I can't say how many times i have asked myself what God's plan is for me. Do notice, I ask myself. Oh to remember to seek Him in all things. There isn't anything more amazing then to realize God is speaking to you. For me, he usually yells because I don't stop, listen, seek ye. That's when that one verse in a song gets louder, when I feel I don't measure up and He says "here we go again, I will always be with you. You are my daughter! Do you know how awesome it is to be my daughter!!" That's when I have to remember and be thankful for all the many blessings. The autumn leaves, cool breeze and true dear friends, like you. Your words have always hit me at my core. For many of years now they've been a true blessing. What an amazing daughter YOU are.

  4. I love not only witnessing you on this beautiful & joyous path, but reading your words, that touch my heart, & the heart of that kind of movement in life, so clearly.
    Oh yeah, and I love you too, Crystal!

  5. crystal,
    first, great post. Loved it. So excited that you heard God.

    now i'll end with just 3 words:

    THE EAST COAST??????

  6. Hi Crystal, I am so excited that you stopped by my blog, and want to trade items with me. The hand painted face cards will be on their way to you, as soon as you e-mail me your mailing address. (my e-mail address
    Let me know what you are interested in trading - a creation you have made - or an unexpected kindness to others - either is fine with me. I LOVE all of your creations, but have a real softspot for your beautiful birds. I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Crystal - this is all so amazing and exciting. I am absolutely thrilled for you. You're *on fire*!!! Yippee.

  8. I've been wanting to try encaustic painting for a while now - just don't want to buy new materials yet. But your post inspires me to try it real soon - it looks so much fun and the results are very interesting.

  9. Wow, sounds good. I'm looking for this kind of workshop. Yeah!!

  10. Crystal
    I recieved your lovely creation in the mail today - IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the trade! I wrote about it on my blog today!
    Take Care....


    That's what i was talking about when i suggested what to make for you know what.

    Did that make sense??

    i love you and when you come to the ranch i'm so wanting to play with some wax with the master!

    xxoo, jan