Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with EncaustiKits

This week I had the honor and fun of testing an encaustic incising kit from artist Patricia Baldwin Seggabruch's line of EncaustiKits.

My kit came with everything needed to create encaustic masterpieces utilizing the technique of incising, 3 tins of encaustic medium (1 basic and 2 pigments), 4 Hake Brushes (high quality, so soft and lovely to work with!), 4 Encausticbord's, 2 incising tools, and 2 color pigment sticks.

The quality of the refined beeswax Patricia has selected to use in her wax is evident in the pure clarity of the wax and the honeybee smell permeating throughout my studio.

I followed the instructions in the enclosed brochure giving my board a base coat of clear and then a second coat of yellow, fusing after each application. Then the fun began!
Choosing to use a stencil as my guide on the first piece, I traced the lines with the incising tool. Now I have to say that I typically am a "use what you have" kind of gal and incise my wax with just about anything I find laying around the studio, but this little tool really made a difference with its quality ball tip (a different size on each end) that slid easily through the wax and left a smooth line behind it. After I was satisfied with the pattern, I let the board completely cool and then used the blue pigment stick to fill the lines, carefully rubbing and wiping away the excess.
I fused again to set the incising and then decided to add a little stenciled detail with another layer of yellow wax.

Sorry my photos do not do the color in this piece justice - the one thing I don't like about my studio space is it's lack of natural lighting - but I am tickled with the results.

Next I followed a similar process but with two layers of clear medium and adding a bit of old text for interest. I incised a tree and filled it with the red pigment stick, staining the entire upper portion of the piece with red before incising the word "life".

Here I masked off a portion with painters tape and used the blue pigment stick to fill the word life and stain the right half of the board.
The pieces I created are quite a departure from the collage work that I normally do. And I found myself wondering where the flowers and playful images were coming from when I realized it was simply the act of being allowed to play. It was a fun afternoon and I am inspired to pursue creating more pieces in this style. Patricia's kit contained all the materials I needed to complete these projects and then some, sans skillet to heat the wax and heat gun to fuse. Hop on over to the Encaustikits website for a variety of kits, tools (including the skillet and heat gun if you need them!), books and inspiration, and just in time for the holiday gift season, but I have to warn you....
It may be addicting!


  1. This is so funny, I just bought her book and some supplies yesterday since I was visiting a city with a good art supply store. I can't wait to try it out. You've already made some wonderful pieces, so inspiring.
    Maybe I should pick up the kit since they didn't have everything.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Crystal, I was so excited to see this I linked it on my Facebook
    xoxo Kim

  3. saw this on numinosity..fab piece of work like the way you use stencil masks..I bought some of these last week so may well have a go..thanks for sharing just love the warm colours and texture

  4. Oh Kim you will not be sorry for the investment!
    And thanks Lorraine- do have a go at it. You will love it!

    Be sure to check out my next post as I announce even more excitement with Patricia~

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    how lovely! the fun and the possibilities never really end, does it?! i want to see more! more! more! ;) jan

  6. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I love this!!!
    On the list!

  7. You'll never guess what I spent the day doing? Yep. Incising. Love your pieces and Trish's kits too!!

  8. Oh it looks like so much fun! I will try it one day - I will, I will, but for now my plate is full!

  9. what fun your are having good to see all the great works.

  10. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Okay when you mentioned "encaustics" and "monoprinting" on another post I was intrigued and looked it up on wikapedia. When I had a bit more time, I scrolled through some of your older posts and love your artwork. What a great technique.
    You have a real talent, and pretty eye. I just discovered the mag. Cloth,Paper,Scissors myself.
    Have you ever submitted any art on their webpage's gallery forum? It is really good and easy. Lots of mixed media artists.
    I have so many ideas and rotating lists of "what to learn" swimming in my brain that I cannot even imagine trying my hand at this. One day, there is a season for all things. Hope your Christmas was happy and memorable.