Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art and Soul - Portland 2010

"Utterings: A Wordless Prayer Series"                  by Crystal Neubauer

It's hard to believe I've been home for two days now. I taught three classes in two days and have to say that I am still floating on a bit of a high from the experience. My only complaint? I just did not take enough pictures. I was just moving along on a creative tide not thinking beyond the moment. Yes, it was that much fun!

Tuesday was Front and Center: 3D Collage with a Story. A day packed with learning techniques that are transferable to all kinds of collage and mixed media projects, learning to saw acrylic with a jewelers saw, making tube rivets, and tuning in to what is going on inside to hear the story wanting to be told. I'll be teaching this class once again at Art & Soul - New Orleans in July. Here are a few class pics from Tuesday:

Wednesday day was Encaustic Adornment, also known as my "Wax & Wire" class. I've managed to combine these materials in an unlikely marriage of metal, paper, and encaustics and was eager to share the technique. Not only was it a fun class in which I was delighted to be able to see how each student interpreted the process to suit her own style, but I came away knowing I had met some really cool and inspiring artists (as I did in all my classes!!) - not as teacher to student - but as a peer learning as much as I had to share.

I've a few class photos, but be sure to go check out Jan's blog for a close up of her cool pieces with tiny found objects attached as well!

 Admiring all the beautiful work!

 Muriel's pieces were gorgeous - but my camera didn't like the lighting~

 Here I am with my eyes closed - but the class was poised and ready with smiles!

And oh one of the most special things about Art & Soul, as I am sure those of you who have been there will agree, is connecting with friends, new and old. My dear dear sweet friend Sue Simpson is peeking out at the camera. We have been friends online for years and were finally able to meet face to face solidifying what will be a close life long friendship. Even now I have tears of joy at how God works to connect similar souls through the thread of art and a love for Him.

This is the multi-talented Becky Christian manning her booth on Vendor night. For the second year in a row Becky picked me up from the airport and drove me and all my stuff to the hotel (even returning to the airport in the afternoon to retrieve part of my luggage which did not make it on the same flight as I did!). Becky played chauffeur driving me far and wide searching out a Chipotle so my poor tummy could eat something I knew would be gluten free. She spent hours behind the wheel and more hours sitting in my room with me as we bagged and prepared our goodies for vendor night. There are friends you just know that no matter how many months go by without talking or seeing each other, will always be your good friend and Becky is one of them. 

I did not manage to get any photos of my evening class "Encaustic Collage In An Evening" on Wednesday night (also being offered in New Orleans in July). I had a full class of 22 enthusiastic students soaking up as much as they could creating quick collage's and learning the basics of using encaustic wax to enhance and protect their art, along with some fun techniques including image transfers, incising, stenciling, adding color, and an overview of the endless creative possibilities to be found in encaustics. The unanimous plea as they went out the door with their beautiful pieces was "we want more!" ~ so stay tuned for a special announcement!


  1. thank you so much for sharing your lovely art & adventures here... and AMEN sister on the truth how God moves, even online, to connect kindred souls thru the thread of art & love for Him... ;)

  2. oh, it looks like such a fun time was had by ALL!!! :) what a relief for it to all have finally come together! i love how you talk about those friends that give so generously of themselves online and in person. what would we do without one another?! i fully expect a blog post about ME when we finally meet face to face...HAH!!! just kidding. (shameless aren't i?!) hugs, crystal!

  3. Crystal...the highlight of Art and Soul was meeting you. After so many years of writing to each other I feel the timing to meet was perfect. I truly feel I have a life long friend. You are more beautiful inside and out, in person. It is like seeing a piece of artwork online and then seeing it in person. Amazing! I feel extremely blessed to have you call me friend.

    Your workshop was amazing. I encourage everyone to take a class from Crystal. It was such a treat to be able to be there and experience you in action. Your work is truly honest and pure.

    I look forward to your future and watching you continue to grow. I am tickled pink that we will see each other again, soon. God is doing amazing things through you!!

  4. I love your work, and would love to take a class from you someday... it is on my wish list!

    i need an email.
    or we need to talk.
    this is so exciting!!!! yea, yea, yea for you!!

    get goin' on that p.c. proposal!!!
    girl, you're in the big time now -

  6. Oh *blushes* you guys~ I love all the warmth and love I get here! Thank-you!!

  7. I really like the art "Songs My Mother Taught Me." It's impressive that a new student made that in your one-day class. That's a testament to your teaching ability and inspiration.