Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A New Song In My Mouth - Revisited

It seems to be the month of revisiting old works. You might remember this collage titled "A New Song In My Mouth" from an earlier post. This week I felt a couple of my previous works really needed to be framed before I could call them finished.

One of my favorite elements of this collage is the antique handwritten sheet music which dated to pre-1900s. I love the look of it floating across the antique paper book cover behind it. The colors are rich, warm and inviting. Something I am having a difficult time capturing in my photos.

The frame is created from reclaimed wood I've salvaged from an antique wood tack box. One nice purple bruise resides on my arm as a testament to the difficult (but satisfying) task of deconstruction.

A New Song In My Mouth is a 9" x 11" collage/encaustic created on cradled canvas from antique papers, book cover canvas, textures, and encaustic wax. The collage is finish framed with naturally patinaed reclaimed wood from an antique tack box ready to hang.

To purchase "New Song" email me at crystal_opf@comcast.net or visit OPF Studio at Etsy.


  1. LOVE this. So organic and beautiful.

  2. This is so beautiful.
    Yet all your work to me is wonderful.

  3. Every time I view your work I get excited to try using encaustic with all my box assemblage and collage stuff I keep collecting.

  4. lovely works ... i am enjoying your site and works immensely ... >> Gina