Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old Collage Series Meets New Love of Encaustics

SHE SAID IT IN A LETTER is a series of collage works created from authentic love letters from the late 1920s found stashed behind the wall in an attic alcove.

Originally the series was created and displayed as raw collage works but sadly the script had begun to fade.

The solution was to combine the collage series with my new love of encaustic wax medium to seal and protect the fading script which has the added bonus of creating a dream-like timeless quality to each original work of art.

Each of the dimensional collages is created on a 4" x 4" x 1.5" canvas and is designed to have an impact individually or grouped in any combination of two or more.

"Time Passing" - Side view - to purchase email me at crystal_opf@comcast.net or visit OPF Studio at Etsy


"Tonight Dear" - Side detail

To purchase "Tonight Dear" email me at crystal_opf@comcast.net or visit OPF Studio at Etsy.

"Come Back" - Side Detail

To purchase "Come Back" email me at crystal_opf@comcast.net or visit OPF Studio at Etsy.

More of this series to be listed soon....


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Crystal I love this series. I too have a fondness for old love letters. One of my collections is dated 1915 and each time I use even a snippet I find myself reading through several before moving on to the project I am working on. Debbie

  2. GOLDEN do a UV protective top coat, that may help fading too. The wax is a lovely sensual touch.

  3. Great topic, love of days gone by. How sweat they have been preserved in your works.

  4. These are so beautiful..I love what you have done with the encaustic.

  5. I love these too and I like wax on things too. I think it is very cool how you can do almost anything Crystal.


  6. Wow. The addition of the encaustics really adds a whole new layer to these pieces - literally and figuratively. Perfect!

  7. I am glad that I stopped by :D


  8. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I tagged you!

    XO Catherine

  9. Gorgeous, I love the wax on top.

  10. love your encaustic work...just amazing !

    and from one mb shaw stalker to another...there's so many worse things we could be called :)