Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Mom...I finally finished your doll!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I'm only a few months late...eek! Well I hope mom likes her. She'll be coming with a collaged tag all of her own based on the scripture "Then maidens will dance and be glad" from Jeremiah 31:13.
This is another in my series of spool art dolls. I love the way her arms swing when I wiggle her back and forth. Her hat was a little paper mache cone given to me by my friend Becky of Bees in her bonnet, I think the key is from an antique clock. I actually drilled a hole for it right through the marble base that once held a crystal lamp that mom gave me. And there you have it, junk goes full circle... or what goes around comes around!

1 comment:

  1. Nancy Carter (mom)11:16 AM

    I love her!!! She was worth the wait!
    Love you,