Saturday, July 01, 2006

Desire.....This World Is Not My Home

Searching...Searching...Searching...What are you searching for? What is it that your heart desires and longs for? What is that yearning deep inside? And what would you be willing to give for it? Would you give your eyeteeth to have your hearts desire?

It seems no matter what we fill our lives with, no matter how hard we strive, there is an empty spot deep inside. A longing unfulfilled. Some mysterious voice whispering...

'This world is not my home'

There has to be more then this...there has to be more...will you recognize it when you find it?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says "He has set eternity in the hearts of men". We know that we were created for something better then this. We were created for an eternity with our Savior. We will long for Him, either knowingly or unknowingly, until the day we leave this world.


  1. That is the question that pulls us onward. Beautiful piece of work Crystal, these old stencils are transformed in your hands.

  2. Crystal, how I appreciate the heart you put into your pieces!

  3. Crystal, this is one of my favorite pieces! I love your art and the thoughtful combinations of Scripture, meanings and old oddities, remnants and pieces of people's lives. Your work is wonderful and must be a blessing to our Lord!

  4. These are adorable, Crystal!! What an ingenious idea!! Love them!