Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meet Grace

This is Grace. She is the first in a series of art dolls I'll be creating over the next month. I bought these antique spools on ebay thinking how nice they would look sitting in my antique sewing basket, and they do. But like anything else that's not nailed down in this house, they couldn't sit for very long before I wanted to make something fun with them. My friend JoAnna of Moss Hill Studio (see her wonderfully artistic blog in my links section) had made some gorgeous art dolls from spools and they really inspired me to create a few with my own style. Now my head is spinning with ideas for other dolls so stay tuned for future installments!

Grace has double wings made from antique hardware and a frame draped with antique text. The text is from a pre-1900 book of poetry. She has an antique German doll head and arms. These heads and arms are really special. They were excavated from a ruined doll factory in Thuringia, Germany and probably date to the 1880s. I love to think of them laying there in the ground all those years and now finally being brought to life in the form of a doll as they were originally intended. Grace is standing on a base I created from an antique railroad signal light that has been embellished with an antique brass locker tag and clock key. The winning bidder will receive a handmade collaged paper tag with her name and the verse "Grace be with you all" from Hebrews 13:25.


  1. oh yay!!!! you have a blog! welcome to the wonderful land of blogging :)

    will be visiting often!!

    xo ~Izabella

  2. Hi Crystal! Welcome to blogworld, looking good!
    I'm going to add a link to you on mine :)

  3. Crystal,

    Last year I bought a small collage from you on ebay. I've followed your wonderful creative trail since. I started blogging at the end of March. It's a fabulous outlet! I went to Germany recently and used the blog to keep my friends updated on my journey. You're gonna love this blogging world. All my best to you! I'll check in for art advice and the adorable doll progression.
    Graciel Evenstar :)