Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Introducing Joy

Introducing Joy! She is my second in a series of art dolls I'll be making throughout the month. I am really excited about this series, it brings me back to my fledgling start selling my art on eBay. After discovering the fascinating world of mixed media and collage I began making paper dolls out of antique cabinet photos and boy did my sales and my life as an artist take off! I'll have to remember to write more about those paper dolls another day.

Joy was created from an antique textile bobbin with the original yarn still attached. She has an antique German doll head and arms. I created a hat for her from a whimsical paper mache cone given to me by my friend Becky of Bees in my bonnet. (See my links for Becky's website and wonderful art!) I've created her petal skirt from antique text over a wire frame. Rubbing this paper thin enough to drape nicely over the frame was a challenge! Hubby suggested I take a break more then a few times after rubbing holes through the paper. Grrr! But I managed to get enough for her skirt. The text comes from an 1874 St. Nicholas children's magazine and tells the story of "Catherine" similar to the "Little Matchbox Girl" story. Her hat has been embellished with the number 7 key from an antique musical instrument from India and an old clock key protrudes from her base giving the impression of mechanical wind up doll. The winning bidder will receive a handmade collaged paper tag with her name and the verse "Be joyful always." from 1 Thessalonians 5:16.


  1. Your blog looks great Crystal and of course your art is what makes it sparkle. I just adore these dolls...I think she is my favorite...still deciding!!

  2. Crystal, I love these dolls so MUCH! They are so beautiful and seem to have such sweet personalities. Can't wait to see more in your series after all the graduation parties are over!