Friday, October 16, 2015

Retired Works (or happy birthday to me sale) Are In The House!

I've been overwhelmed and encouraged by the loving responses to my current living situation you have all been sending. It is a difficult turn of events, but I am heading in such a good direction as I see the doors opening before me that I can hardly wait to tell you! 

Meanwhile, I have been toting my retired works from workshop to workshop this past few months and sent many of them off to new homes. As my daughter pointed out to me today, it is the very last day of my 40s, so what better way to celebrate than to list the rest of the works that I am letting go and send them all off to you? 

These are carefully selected works from the past 5 years that I am very fond of and proud to offer to you. In letting them go at greatly reduced prices, I am welcoming the next decade of my life and all the possibilities it brings! 

Head on over to the shop here and click on the Retired Works tab and grab one while they last!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!
    What a lovely idea!
    I will check the ART out.
    All the best to YOU = )