Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day Twelve - September 9

Another series of recent Facebook posts to catch the blog up with my life....

I finally got a new computer today and the office nook is all organized and ready to go. Now begins the arduous task of getting caught up on my email correspondence and writing & scheduling workshops for 2016.

I've also begun to unpack my studio. To say I am craving a little art time after weeks of packing and moving and unpacking would be putting it lightly.

Soon the days will be humming along in a routine and what I now think of as my new normal will just be my normal.

Turning a house into a home is more than hanging pictures on the wall and putting dishes away in the cabinet; but there is something vitally important in setting up these spaces where I will be spending the next days of my life.

Whether for less than 6 months, as it was in the Chicago apartment, or for many more years to come- having a space that reflects my style and personality invites my soul to settle in and linger for a while.

This space, that is at once familiar yet unfamiliar, is the space in which my heart will begin to heal. It is the space where I will learn even more about my authentic voice. In my childhood hometown where I will grow both roots and wings.

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