Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day Seven - September 4

Another series of recent Facebook posts to catch the blog up with my life....

It's hard to believe I have been in my new home for a solid week now. I'm feeling immensely proud of myself for hanging these shelves today. A prospect that just a few days ago sent me spiraling into a fit of depression.

I mean, here on my own, who is going to do things like hang the heavy stuff and open the jar of peanut butter?

But I am stronger than I think I am- the shelves are hung and I don't actually eat peanut butter. And I know there must be some kind of device on the market to help me when a stubborn lid does present a problem.

Not so easy to fix is the sadness that fills my spirit. I'm not going to lie, the decision to separate from my husband did not come easily and I will not diminish myself by denying the need to grieve.

So here I am, day 7 of my new normal. Satisfied over a job well done and sorrowful for the empty places that need to heal.

It is the glorious mix.

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  1. Open the stuck jar lid by gripping it with a rubber/latex glove (not necessary to actually put it on your hand!). Have a handyman/woman hang heavy stuff and pay for it by bartering your artwork for their time. But your shelf work looks good!