Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day Two - August 29

Another series of recent Facebook posts to catch the blog up with my life....

It is the end of day 2 of this new life of living on my own in my childhood midwest hometown far from the city. I'm vascilating between bouts of tears and depression and moments of great joy.

After much scrubbing and elbow grease, I finally have all of my kitchen unpacked and put away.

Nary a box has been unpacked in the new studio.

I have a brand new bed coming tomorrow thanks to my cousin and her husband- tears of exhausted joy!

I found a very cool organic/local farmer grocery store down the street and just ate my first home cooked nutritious meal in weeks.

I popped open the good bottle of wine that I was saving for the move. More tears of exhausted joy!

A woman I knew from the Midwest Collage Society up north messaged me to say she just moved down here too. Artsy community excitement!

And the cicadas are still singing.

God provides and he is good.
Life is hard and good. But mostly it's good.

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