Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Announcing Wednesday Guest Artist Series: Studio Spotlight

The excitement buzzing after announcing the new guest artist series on Redemption Stories each Monday is thrilling. So many of you responded via comments on the blog, personal messages and emails letting me know you are eagerly anticipating reading the stories each one of the guest artists will be sharing. 

Imagine then, how excited I am to announce this second series running on Wednesdays!

Yes, ten weeks of Studio Spotlights featuring a different guest artist each week. Oh how curious we are, as creative types, to see where others create. We pour over pictures in magazines, and have entire Pinterest Boards dedicated to other artists studios, hoping to glean ideas from the organizational skills and environments of our peers and those we admire; and even to just be inspired by the view that inspires them!

As in the Monday series, I am so happy and humbled to have had so many guest artists agree to share their creative spaces with us here on my blog. Each one will share at least a couple of shots of their studio or dedicated creative space, even if it is just the kitchen table, and will answer four questions: 

1. What is your favorite time of day to create and why? 2. What do you love most about your studio? 3. What can always be found in your work space? 4. What dream supply would you purchase if money were no issue? - or alternatively – What medium would you want to learn if time were no issue?

To kick us off today, I am featuring shots of my own studio and also answering the interview questions.

1. What is your favorite time of day to create and why? My favorite time to create isn't a specific hour as much as it is about the atmosphere. I am easily distracted, so whether I am writing or working on collage, when the house is quiet and empty I am better able to get into the flow of creativity. Either one requires the ability to tune into what is going on inside of me, to listen to the voice within. If there is activity or noise happening elsewhere it interrupts the flow and I find it dampens my creative voice and ability to be mindful of the work in front of me.

2. What do you love most about your studio? I love that after the number of years I've been working as an artist, I have begun to really understand what I need out of my work environment and have streamlined the room to suit these needs. I especially love that, in spite of the fact that collage is a messy medium to work in, I can tidy up very quickly when I've finished a body of work because of the thought I've put into how and where to store everything.

3. What can always be found in your work space? Absolutely essential - paper and glue. Other supplies can come and go, but what I do always comes down to paper and glue.

4. What dream supply would you purchase if money were no issue? - or alternatively – What medium would you want to learn if time were no issue? My dreams are pretty simple. I have this ginormous antique swing arm paper cutter that I love, but it is cumbersome and difficult for me to cut large sheets of paper to square. After managing to cut a hole in a favorite sweater last week, a new modern paper cutter has moved to the top of my dream priority list. They are expensive, so it may be a while before the coveted tool is mine.

So there you have it, a glimpse into my studio. So who else, I hear you wondering, will we be visiting with over the next ten weeks? Well without further ado. . .

Studio Spotlight - Wednesdays
1. Tonia Jenny - Feb 26
2. Sue Stover - March 5
3. Michel Fletcher - March 12
4. Jason Twiggy Lott - March 19
5. Patrica Oblack - March 26
6. Laura Lein Svencner - April 2nd
7. Tye Johnson - April 9
8. Anca Bonner - April 16
9. Leslie Avon Miller - April 23
10. Kristina Honn-Trudell - April 30

Be sure to click the link to get to know each artist a little and get ready to be inspired!

Come back the Friday to find out what the third ten week series is and who the contributing guest artists are.

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Leave me a comment and let me know what you are most looking forward to about this series. Thanks!


  1. There is something about studios; a sacred space really. To see into another artist's creative space is an honor. And we are all curious of course!

  2. Hi Crystal, Oh my, I LOVE your list of artists coming up. I think I'm already "following" but am making double sure not to miss these guests! xoDianna

  3. Really enjoying the idea of these series. Most inspiring. And loving your storage. Looks very organized!

  4. Your studio looks lovely! I just overhauled mine, but I have WAY too much stuff in there -one of the problems of working in a diversity of mediums. Wondering if it always looks this way :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us! All your storage is magnificent! Love the color and light... very inviting. :)

  6. I was going to clean mine up first Crystal before I shot it but decide that what I personally enjoy is the authenticity of which a studio is not a store front or an entertaining space but for me a soulful space to be free....and in freedom for me there is chaos...xo

  7. I was going to clean my studio up before I shot the photo's but I reconsidered...what I enjoy the most in looking an artist's studio is the raw authenticity about is not a store front or an entertaining space, so I guess personally for myself there is a certain messiness that is my creative space, my freedom of expression is chaos, so I am not going to hide it. Peace & Paint xox

  8. I love that you began with your own studio and answered the questions ...we are always intrigued with the spaces of others, as well as their methods!