Friday, February 21, 2014

Announcing Friday Guest Artist Series: Found Object Feature

On Monday I got to tell you about the new series featuring guest artists stories of redemption here. Ten weeks with a different guest artist each week; Stories of beauty rising from ashes. 

On Wednesday I told you about another new series here. Ten weeks of getting to peek into the studio and creative lives of ten different guest artists. As one of those artists, Leslie Avon Miller, described: "sacred spaces that we are honored to get a glimpse of". It is an honor indeed!

And today, something that is so near and dear to my heart, a new series featuring found objects and the artists who love them. Ten weeks, ten artists, ten objects - or likely more. As with any hobby, it is impossible to collect just one, or pick one favorite- as you can see from all the photos from my archives I'm sharing today.

Collecting objects and using them in my art was a passionate pursuit for me way back when I first started exploring mixed media and collage. You can go back in the oldest posts on my blog and see many of the assemblages I made from these items. I collected so many things that it was impossible to use them all, so I sold the overflow on ebay and etsy; forums that brought me many friendships with other artists like you.

Starting next Friday we will hear from a different artist each week and see the objects they find appealing. Each one will tell us what the object is, where they found it, what the plan to do with it and why they were attracted to it.

With each of the three new series, the idea is really to have the opportunity to be inspired by the lives of other creatives. To see that what they are passionate about may be something that excites you as well. And, especially with the Monday and Friday series, the focus is on finding meaning and worth and value in something that may not have had the appearance of having meaning or worth or value at first.

A metaphorical glimpse toward the bits of our lives that we deemed purposeless, for the feelings we all too often may have for ourselves. It is a call to take another look. To cherish what may have caused pain at one time, or to polish up what has been neglected.

It is intended to inspire and fill up our empty tanks. To know that there are others like us. We are not alone!

Are you feeling the excitement yet? You are bound to once you see who will be sharing with us on Fridays, starting next week:

1. K Wayne Thornley - Feb 28th
2.  Rick Farrell - March 7
3.  Seth Apter - March 14
4.  MaryBeth Shaw - March 21
5.  Kariann Blank - March 28
6.  Wen Redmond - April 4
7.  Shary Bartlett - April 11 
8.  Deryn Mentock - April 18
9. Donna Zarbin-Byrne - April 25
10. Barbara Buckles - May 2
BONUS WEEK! 11. Robyn Gordon - May 9

I could yammer on and on about each one of these outstanding artists, how I know them, what exciting things they are involved in, how talented they are, but I will save that for their feature week. In the meantime, be sure to click on each artists name to see their website or blog and get an idea of the fabulousness to come!

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