Monday, June 30, 2008

The Chat and The Cedar Bird

UPDATE: I have yet to list either THE CHAT or THE CEDAR BIRD, I have hopes to get them professionally photographed and listed soon so please keep checking, or e-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing.

This week in the studio I have been exploring the colors, textures, and aged patinas found in old book bindings and papers, and I find a series is unfolding.

I am fascinated at how I can combine these elements to emulate a moss covered tree trunk or impress an image of peering into a forest at dusk.
The Chat

An 1800s cloth covered book board combined with the binding tape pulled from the spine, the cloth from the spine of a second book, a vintage brass stencil and a bird image from a 1910 edition of Webster's Dictionary.

The board is mounted to a back frame which has been covered in the same dictionary page as the bird, no need for framing, it is ready to hang.

A second original image of The Chat and the definition are mounted to the back.

This next one is by far my favorite so far. It seems that it was common practice in earlier times to use old text along the spine of a book along with or in place of the seam tape. This one peeled back to reveal a green page with text that beautifully emulates a moss covered tree trunk!

It is hard to really show the depth and dimension to the piece with my basic little camera. I hope to have a friend photograph it before it is sold.

The Cedar Bird

I've revealed the interior spine and the leather that surrounded it and mounted both to the leather cover of the 1870s book. A 1910 dictionary image of The Cedar Bird sits looking out at the cottage across the lake. This lithograph image was lifted from a cover of a little postcard type book, also from the late 1800s. I have thinned the image to almost tissue transparency.

The leather book board has been mounted to a back frame covered in the 1910 dictionary page the Cedar Bird is found on. A second original image and the definition is mounted to the back of the board.

The last project I have to show was just a fun way to doll up a tiny leather book of poetry bought in an antique shop a few years back.

B...just Because

B is for bunny, and billy goat, and book...just because.

Brass letter stencils, book binding and bits of a children's book cover and game box. Only the cover and the title page have been altered. The Fifty Best Poems of England can still be read and enjoyed.

Each of these items will be listed at OPF Studio later today.


  1. Crystal..these are wonderful!!!

  2. Crystal--I could share this comment anywhere on your blog: I love your art. I just love your art. Have I told you how much I love your art? --LaRinda ;-)