Monday, April 16, 2007

A work in progress

A work in progress this week. The color is a bit off in this picture. I've worked this pendant from a large green antique optical lense. I have no idea why the glass is green. Somebody let me know if you have any insight on this.

The other items include brass hardware from a drawer pull, antique adding maching key, vintage dusty rose fabric, and glass beads from a generous (and talented) Deryn Mentock of Something Sublime.

I am still waiting for the inspiration for the chain to come. This will be the newest edition in my "Garments of Praise" series. What does the 6 mean? There is a verse there, I've been praying for God to show me.

His answer? "Get in the word and find out"

Okay Lord, I hear you. I've been lax about it lately and it shows. I pray for His guidance, I pray for His wisdom. I pray that He will help me guard my tongue during the day and fill me with his Spirit. But I hit the snooze button 2 more times and suddenly I am rushing out the door to work in the morning feeling dry and wondering why I can't feel my Lords presence like I used to.

Thank-You Lord, for being near to me, even when I have pulled away from you.

Stay tuned, I'll let you know when I've allowed Him to open my eyes to the verse. Better yet, dive into the word with me and find out what He is saying to you.


  1. Beautiful, Crystal! I can't wait to hear what perfect verse comes to you.

  2. I immediately thought Joshua 6 (6th book 6th chapter) so I went and looked it up. I am struggling with a wall at work, and this is the story of joshua taking over jerico with only quiet action and God's guidance. Just the message I needed today.

    I want to purchase this piece if it is for sale. If you are not selling it, please know that God has used this for a purpose today.

  3. This is beautiful....and I really look forward to seeing where that search takes you. Wonderful work.

  4. Lovely work Crystal! Truly gorgeous. Thanks for your comments on my blog too.

  5. Great post showing an insight into your creative process. I am delighted to have found your blog.

  6. michelle10:52 AM

    I came to your site through Something Sublime and I'm so excited to find some other Christian artists. I love your art and writings. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  7. Thank-you all for your lovely comments and insite. I'm so glad to know that others are diving into the word and finding God alive in their lives!

    Maggie - at this time the piece is not finished and I am not ready to let it go. Thank-you so much for sharing where God lead you in Joshua (one of my very favorite books in the Bible!). This gave me much to think about!

    I can't even tell you how much it warms me to read all the comments and know others are coming to my blog and being inspired. This is truly God at work. I am humbled and sincerely grateful that you keep coming back and encouraging me!
    God has lead me this past week not only to a verse, but a song, and a message about seeking Him first. I'll write more about it in my next post.
    Bless you all!