Thursday, May 10, 2018

On SOFA 2018 and Acting On Your Dreams

Hello dear friends!

If you didn't catch it in the last newsletter, or over on Facebook, I have some exciting news to share with you! I have been invited to participate in SOFA Chicago Expo (stands for Sculptural Objects and Functional Art and Design) held at Navy Pier in November each year.

To participate in this show has been one of my long term big career dreams. I’ve been attending as a spectator for the past ten years and every year I take note of specific galleries that I believe my art would fit, dreaming of one day maybe being repped by one and then maybe I would get to see my own art in such an outstanding show. But it was not even on my radar to expect such an opportunity to land in my lap this year!

An international gallery who has exhibited at SOFA since 2000 sent me an email inviting me to show my work with them for this years exhibit- and as a fun little extra, when I looked at my past catalogs to see who they’ve brought before, I found that I had bookmarked their page in the 2010 catalog. Maybe I had a premonition. Maybe it was a prayer I said and long since forgot about, but there it was, a little paper flag waiting to remind me.

Though I am receiving the invitation as a high compliment and affirmation of the work that I’ve done to achieve a level of professionalism in my art, it does require a monetary commitment for the booth fees from me.

I reached out to some of the past artists who have been hosted by this gallery in previous shows and received positive feedback, so I feel comfortable with the terms, but as an artist/entrepreneur every bit of extra has to be earned. There are no funds in the coffer right now for the unexpected, even though the unexpected is this thrilling.

I thought about it long and hard and realized I can’t let myself down by not trying. I have worked hard through so many challenges to get to this point. My heart yearns to see this dream come true.

So I’m going to do everything I know I’m capable of doing to try. I’ve discounted some of my work, and will continue to push registration for my studio events, and find other creative ways to raise the funds, because that’s what us creative types do. When push comes to shove, we buckle down and do the work and give each other a little cheer along the way!

Will you help me? I’m offering a discount on the art in my shop at this link to the tune of 25% off. There are currently multiple pieces from two different series available there. The discount will be calculated on checkout when you enter the discount code: SOFA2018

If you aren’t in the position to buy art, but want to help, can you share the link and discount code and maybe give me a little shout out?

With so much gratitude and love~Thank you 

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