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From obtaining gallery representation, to writing my own book and DVD series about collage (The Art of Expressive Collage: Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue; North Light Books), to teaching workshops nationwide, and opening my studio, learning to tune in to the voice within has led me on a journey of learning “I can”. Join me for an “I can” experience of your own in one of my workshops this year, as you learn to tune in to the creative flow while identifying the negative messages and fears that stop you. *Click on workshop title for images and registration.

Image by Melissa Hall

Just The Wax and Nothing But The Wax

Where: My studio in Racine, WIWhen: Saturday August 25, Sunday August 26th 2018 Time: 10:00 - 4:30 
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Join me in studio for an Encaustic Wax Intensive workshop weekend, featuring tips and techniques designed to ignite your creativity through the use of encaustic wax medium.

Day 1 will be demo heavy, with plenty of studio time for you to practice. The basics of setup, safe practices, and simple techniques will be covered early so even the novice to the craft will feel comfortable as we launch into the exciting possibilities that the medium presents in both a traditional and non-traditional application. 
Day 2 will find us expanding the scope and potential of the waxy medium with more demos and plenty of studio time to practice what you've learned and the freedom to interpret to your own style and preferences.

Registrants can sign up for a Saturday or Sunday only option, but the full weekend is recommended to gain an understanding of the depth of the encaustic medium's potential. Demos will include layering, incising, accretion, embedding paper elements and objects, applying surface design, underlayers, texture, color, fabric, 2D and 3D application and more!

Open studio/mini residency

Open Studio/Mini residency is not a workshop, but an opportunity to work in a community environment on your own project. Each participant gets an entire table to spread out on and has use of my tools and many of my supplies while in studio, including encaustic wax. No formal workshop instruction is given, but I will be working alongside you on my own projects and am here to answer questions, do spontaneous demos, and enjoy conversation. 

**Some dates will include mini projects with pertinent supplies should you choose to participate. 
Choose one or both day options. 

For questions specific to the setup you need or any tools or supplies you would like access to, please email me at

Upcoming Dates:

Monday and Tuesday September 3rd and 4th

In celebration of the back to school season, I'll have an ATC project with all supplies needed during this Open Studio/mini residency. The wax will also be on and available for participants to use. 

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October Half Workshop+Half Open Studio

Brushmaking/Mark-making and Open Studio Time
Get the best of both - a workshop in the morning and open studio time in the afternoon to perfect a new technique or work on a project of your own choosing, with my tools and some supplies available.

Saturday morning instruction will focus on the art of brushmaking - making beautiful objects to collect and use. Two different techniques for crafting brushes from found materials will be taught with supplies included!

Sunday morning instruction will focus on the art of mark-making - use the brushes from Saturday if you choose, plus a variety of other mark-making tools and supplies which will be available to use in the class. 

Spend afternoons continuing to perfect and practice these techniques or bring another project to focus on and enjoy the community vibe and energetic atmosphere while you create.

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Current Workshop Schedule:

Wax, Paper, Scissors Intensive - Two Dates and Locations!

With a focus on Mixed Media and Collage, this intensive offers students an opportunity to delve into the art of paper and wax. Students will spend time in activities designed to help them compare and contrast the qualities unique to cold wax medium versus Encaustic wax (hot wax medium) and how each reacts when applied to paper.

Wax, whether applied hot or cold, is a medium that can be built upon, layer upon layer, making it the perfect companion to the art of collage. Create unique compositions with paper deliberately cut into shapes, or with organically torn edges, learn to select the proper adhesive, determine whether paper or panel is the appropriate substrate for your work, and alter a variety of salvaged materials for use in collage.

Scratch into the wax surface to reveal previous layers, incise lines, create surface textures and patterns, explore and experiment with the immediacy and limitations of each medium. Learn to incorporate subtle color accents or bold pops that bring the work alive with paper, pigment, and other color mediums.

Collage and creative exercises will be practiced throughout the workshop in order to help students discover their own intuitive voice while tapping into the creativity and design knowledge each one carries within, elevating the composition beyond what skilled technique alone can do.

Instruction will include basic safety, best practices, and set up. Class is suitable for all skill levels. 

3 Day Intensive
Sedona, AZ
October 1-3

4 Day Intensive
San Diego, CA
Feb 21-24


Patreons and Peers: Online Group 

Patreon and Peers is a Beta group where I am able to share behind the scenes glimpses into my studio practice, while developing material for future e-courses and my next book. You get the raw material, the unedited and live version. You get the direct interaction with each other and with me as these things are developed. Value for you, is the inexpensive monthly fee to have first access to the material I am developing, the value for me is to see how you respond to what I share. The value for all of us is the community support we build within the group.

This group will receive one exclusive monthly live broadcasts from my studio, where I share what I am currently working on and demo some aspect of the work. These videos will be archived and available to the group members for viewing as many times as desired, with the ability of the viewer to interact with questions on the technique or process I am sharing. 

*Aside from the regular live broadcasts, I will  randomly turn the live app on while I am in the studio- you get to have an occasional birds eye view over my work table, to be a fly on the wall as I work.

I will also be editing down technique footage each month and sharing as a video in the group. 

I will feature a semi-monthly guest blogger available exclusively to the group. This could be other artists I admire, someone working in the publishing industry, gallery owners, art coaches, teaching artists, it could even be one of you. 

Do you have goals as an artist and need a little accountability, or help understanding how to achieve them? This group is designed for you. The atmosphere will be open, community minded, peer-to-peer interactive sharing. A safe place for you to process your own work and goals as an artist or writer. I'll talk about my goals and how I break them down into manageable realistic steps and allow you the space to develop a plan to tackle your own goals too. 

Just looking for a place to share your work as you develop your style and find your own artistic voice? You can do that too. This is a place of mutual support and accountability. You get to decide how much, and in what way, you want to participate. 

Whether you are already an accomplished artist, or just beginning a journey of discovery, you belong. Together we will celebrate each other's accomplishments, encourage each other's dreams, recognize each other's strengths and accept each other's weaknesses in an affirming way. 

Patreon: Members are able to choose to join through my Patreon account, a hub for creators, where you have the flexibility to customize your membership by selecting from multiple reward tiers. Tiers include group membership, plus other incentives including original art, studio days, and workshop credits. Membership through Patreon includes access to the exclusive Patreon only blog posts.

  1. Sign up on Patreon here. This step only requires your email address until you are ready to commit to a tier level of sponsorship. 
  2. Find my page on Patreon here and follow me. (click on the "+Follow" button under my profile picture at the top left side). You can follow me for free whether you choose to commit to sponsoring me or not. Seriously, I would love it if you do! When you follow me on Patreon, you'll get my public blog posts emailed to you every time I write a new one there. 
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  4. Once you've committed to sponsorship at a tier that includes the private online group, friend me on Facebook here so I can add you to the private group. The group opens on October 1st for anyone who registers by that date. 

A Sampling of Previous Workshops:

June Boxing Encaustic - One Seat Now Available!

June 2-3rd
Racine, WI 

This is a very special opportunity to take a workshop in my studio in a small group setting. Limited to 6 participants, this class will focus on the creating collage with encuastic wax on cradled panels with the introduction to incorporating assemblage elements into your work. 

The supply list is small and will be emailed to you, but mainly includes bringing your own collection of collage material and found objects. 

The Art of Expressive Freedom in Mixed-media and Collage - Sold Out!

Way Art Yonder Studios
Jamul (unincorporated San Diego), California
January 19-21, 2018

We often come to the table with the expectation that there is a right and a wrong way to approach the canvas and fully expect that in every art medium there is a potential for a good or bad outcome based on how skilled we are at following the rules. The idea of letting go of control is intimidating, especially when using precious found materials and investing in expensive art supplies.
Whether you are an experienced artist, or a novice, this workshop will dare you to let go of expectations and ignore the rules through exercises designed to infuse freedom into your creativity. We will begin the workshop scavenging the grounds around the studio for material to create our own mark-making tools. We will then explore a variety of mixed-media activities using paint, pastels, traditional drawing and mark-making tools, and collage. With new-found confidence in your own artistic voice, the class will culminate in a final project with a focus on mixed-media collage.

Wax, Paper, Scissors - Wisconsin -  SOLD OUT!

Racine, Wisconsin
February 24-25, 2018

Want to explore with us and not worry about bringing supplies? No worries, nearly every single thing you need is included in the registration fee - and as a bonus, register by Valentines Day and your panel will be included!

Yup, you read that right - the only supplies that aren't covered in the registration fee for this class are your personal collection of ephemera and the panel you need to create your final project, but  register in the next two weeks (offer ends February 14th at midnight) and all you need to bring are your own papers to personalize the collage. I'll have two brand new 18" x 18" cradled panels waiting for you at the studio!

Everything else, from the cold wax and encaustic mediums we'll be focusing on, to the adhesive I am so fond of, the watercolor substrate I use as the foundation for all of my work, paint, mark-making supplies, and all of the tools you'll need - are all provided for your use in the class and included in the registration fee. No need to purchase a bunch of supplies you've never used before you have a chance to see how you like them!

Join me in my Racine studio where we will delve in to the art of paper and glue, developing a working knowledge of collage while connecting to the design and composition knowledge you already carry within you to create satisfying works of art in your own authentic style.

This class will explore and compare the way paper responds to both hot encaustic wax and cold, with both, refined shapes cut with scissors and organic torn edges. Get a hands on look at three different finishing techniques, including spray varnish, cold wax, and hot encaustic wax. An excellent opportunity to compare the difference to the surface design and decide what look and technique fit you and your style the best.

Enjoy an overview of the variety of techniques that wax is highly suitable for, exploring the addition of color and texture that are easy to alter in both the cold and hot wax mediums. Walk away from class with a final project ready to hang and a working knowledge of both wax mediums and collage.

Encaustic Wax and Plexi Combinations - Sold Out

Feb. 28 - Mar 1 2015
The Healing House Art Studio - Gages Lake, IL
Plexiglas as a foundation for encaustic wax offers options that cannot be achieved with a traditional canvas. For beginner to experienced artist, this encaustic how-to workshop provides an excellent overview for combining encaustic wax with the mixed-media collage look you love while achieving a beautiful light filtering luminosity.

Using clear acrylic Plexiglas as the foundation through which the finished piece will be viewed, the class will build the collage from the front, back, or both sides of the “canvas”, learning important information on the basics of encaustic wax and collage practices, along with techniques that are friendly to the encaustic medium, including image transfers, incising and mark-making, simple monoprint transfers, and more!

Most supplies are included with this workshop. A list of supplies students should bring will be provided before workshop date.

Collage and the Canvas
April 18,19 2015
Shake Rag Alley, Mineral Point, WI
The interplay between paint and ephemera are as familiar to mixed-media as a marriage between old friends; a staple in many an artist’s studio, as comfortable as your childhood school supplies. Yet this class will dare you to step out of the realm of the expected and allow your intuitive voice to have its say. The collaboration of materials begins with several collage and mark-making exercises on paper designed to help you loosen up and let go of controlling the outcome, while still creating a very satisfying work of art. With confidence bolstered, the main project begins with a collage as the focal point and then takes it to the canvas with paint, pastel and more. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. 

San Antonio Retreat: The Art of Mark Making and Expressive Collage
May 2, 3 2015
San Antonio, Texas
Join artist and author, Crystal Neubauer for this 2-day private retreat in the stunning Northwest outskirts of San Antonio, appropriately known as The Hill Country. 

Anticipate being pampered by our gracious host, who will provide daily munchies and home-cooked lunches, and settle in to the intimacy of a small class size, with plenty of time and attention to help you explore the art of expressive mark-making and collage.

We will begin the workshop crafting our own mark-making tools from found and natural materials gathered on location. Papers will be prepared with expressive mark-making and painting exercises, expressive play will be the name of the first day. 
Return on day two ready to use your personal ephemera and prepared papers in several collage exercises designed to loosen you up and break down barriers to creativity. Further mark-making techniques will be covered to enhance the finished collage and pull it all together. 

Mark-Making and The Painted Collage
June 6, 7 2015
Studio Joy, Kansas City, MO
From the first exercise designed to loosen you up and silence the inner-critic, to the mark-making finishing touches, this two-day workshop will give you plenty of opportunities to tap in to your intuition and find your creative voice! 

A variety of papers will be prepared with expressive mark-making and painting exercises and then utilized to create a focal collage. Once satisfied with the composition, You'll learn how to attach it to the canvas and enhance it with more paint. Whether you choose to completely cover over your collage, or simply paint the edges of the canvas to match, you will leave the workshop with new found confidence in your abilities and a work of art worthy of display! 

EncaustiCamp US - (registration opens soon)
July 20 - July 25 2015
Dumas Bay Retreat Center, Federal Way, WA
The Only all-inclusive, all-encaustic retreat meant to spark the creative light in everyone - Four days spent in open studio with Michelle Belto, Crystal Neubauer, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Susan Stover. All their techniques and tools in studio, your own innovation, exploration and furthering of style and direction taking the helm in this opportunity to dive deeper into your encaustic practice.

Collage and the Canvas 

Aug. 9 2015
Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ
The interplay between paint and ephemera are as familiar to mixed-media as a marriage between old friends; a staple to many an artists studio, as comfortable as your childhood school supplies. Yet this class will dare you to step out of the realm of the expected and allow your intuitive voice to have its say. 

The collaboration of materials begins with several collage and mark-making exercises on paper designed to help the student to loosen up and let go of controlling the outcome, while still creating a very satisfying work of art. With confidence bolstered, the main project begins with a collage as the focal point and then takes it to the canvas with paint, pastel and more. All skill levels are welcome in this class. 

Painted Papers and Collage 
Aug. 10 2015
Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ
The use of paint in collage and mixed media can be both exciting and intimidating. Fear of making a muddy mess on the canvas can prevent the free and spontaneous play essential to a vibrant work of art. Release your creative voice in this no pressure evening painting papers with layers of delicious marks for your own colorful stash of collage fodder. This stockpile will be large enough to use in other workshops at AU, including my full day Exploring Collage Combinations, but we will also end the evening with several quick collage exercises to give each student the confidence to use their new collection of painted materials at home on their own.

Exploring Collage Combinations
Aug. 11 2015
Art Unraveled, Phoenix, AZ
Mixed-media as an art medium has grown to encompass such a variety of materials it is hard to know exactly where to begin. Whether you are an experienced collage artist, or a novice, come spend a fun and creative day with artist, and author of The Art of Expressive Collage; Techniques for Creating with Paper and Glue (North Light Books), Crystal Neubauer, exploring the potential of collage combinations.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the intuitive collage and mark-making processes to get students loosened up and ready to explore combinations of texture, embellishments, photography, and paint. Students will walk away with a series of 3 personal works on panel, and more importantly the confidence of knowing how to achieve a sophisticated result from their efforts.

Oct 1,2,3 2015
Make Art In LA, Los Angeles, CA - The Loft at Liz's Antique Hardware
Join us for this three day intensive in the art of mark-making and collage in the beautiful Magnificent Mile area of LA. Delight in the unique flavor of the neighborhood, as we set off to gather found and natural objects to help us develop our own hand-crafted mark-making tools, while keeping a watchful eye out for treasures to incorporate in our collage art.

Mark-making will be the name of the game on day one. We will utilize our one-of-a-kind newly crafted tools in a series of expressive exercises to assist the student in tapping in to their own intuitive voice, while creating interesting marks on papers to be used in our final project. Tools and supplies will also be provided to create marks out of found textures, both as rubbing techniques and stamping techniques. We will round out the day by experimenting with rusting paper and fabric to add to our stash of collaging material.

Day two will focus on painting, staining, solarfast printing and dying paper and fabric for collage fodder. The day will wind down with a series of quick collage exercises designed to loosen the student up and release inhibitions that prevent the creative flow. 

With the stash of material we have prepared, and the students own collected items and ephemera, we will turn our focus to putting it all together on day three. You get to decide what size you are comfortable working in (up to 24" x 36" as space allows), and whether you want to work all on one surface or a small series. I will demonstrate additional mark-making techniques and finishes and advise students as needed throughout the day, including talking about how to hang and display your work. 

There will be a small supply list for students to bring and many materials and supplies will be provided.

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